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Science Support

Students who need help in any physics or chemistry course should drop by the Physical Science Desk, now offered online!

Remote Science Help Desk

Physical Science Support is not available after 6/12/2020.  This service will resume in Fall term 2020.



Physical Sciences

Tutor: Heather Hill
Subject(s): Physics
Tuesday and Thursday (1 - 3 PM): Connect on Zoom

Tutor: Dylan Fast
Subject(s): Chemistry
Monday and Wednesday (10 AM - 1PM): Connect on Zoom

Tutor: Hannah Neuschwander
Subject(s): Chemistry, Physics
Tuesday (10 AM - 1 PM): Connect on Zoom
Thursday (12 - 1 PM): Connect on Zoom

Tutor: Russell Ruby
Subject(s): Chemistry, Physics, Astronomy, Geology
Monday and Wednesday (1 - 4 PM): Connect on Zoom
Meeting Password: 353049

Additional support service for physics and chemistry:

TASS (Tutor-Assisted Study Support) and Individual Tutoring



Life Sciences

Tutoring Center

This service is maintained by the Physical Sciences Department.  For more information, contact Ommidala Pattawong at pattawo@linnbenton.edu or at (541) 917-4625.