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Look for TutorTrac: Learning Center to make and attend appointments.  Haven't used TutorTrac before? Here are the Instructions for Scheduling (pdf) or a Video Guide to Scheduling (YouTube).

Steps to Using the Tutoring Program

Tutoring will be delivered online and face to face this term using Tutortrac and Zoom. We have the same great tutors here to support you but from the comfort of your own space as well as in the Learning Center!

If you are enrolled in a credit course at LBCC, you are eligible to use the Learning Center tutoring service.

Step 1: Know the Tutoring Program Guidelines

  • All appointments are scheduled through our on-line appointment system, TutorTrac: Learning Center, accessible through My LB Single Sign On.
  • Appointments are scheduled at least twenty-four hours in advance. You may schedule up to three, 50 minute sessions per week.
  • Tutoring is a limited resource. For this reason, although you have up to three sessions per week, we ask that you only schedule one session per day, per tutor and/or subject. If you schedule more than one appointment with the same tutor, or for the same subject, we may cancel additional appointments depending on program needs. This is up to the discretion of the Tutor Coordinator.
  • Please keep track of your appointments. You are responsible for keeping the appointments you make.
  • All students are granted one excused appointment per term. If you cancel an appointment less than two hours ahead of time, or miss another appointment after you've had one appointment excused, you will lose tutoring privileges for two weeks. This automatically happens after the second no show appointment, or late cancellation. Your privileges will be restored one week from the date of your missed appointment. You can ask the Tutor Coordinator for the date you will be able to make appointments again.
  • Please make every effort to limit your cancellations. Your tutor has made a commitment to be there for you, and the cancellation may occur too late to be filled by another student.
  • If you must cancel an appointment, do so at least two hours ahead of the appointment time, preferably twenty-four. Ways to cancel your appointment:

    1) On-line, using TutorTrac: Learning Center, accessible through My LB Single Sign On
    2) Email the Learning Center Information at learningcenterinfo@linnbenton.edu.

Step 2: Know your responsibilities

Your tutor's expectations:

  • You are going to class. This is a requirement to continue being tutored. Your instructor may be notified so we can get feedback on your class attendance and progress.
  • Be prepared when you see your tutor. Do your homework first.
  • Bring your textbook, notes, and calculator. Know what you want help with.
  • Don't expect answers. Your tutor will help you understand concepts so you can get answers yourself. This is the most effective form of learning support.
  • Be patient with your tutor and with yourself. Some problems are not easily solved.

Your tutor will:

  • Clarify information presented in class or in your textbook.
  • Help you develop effective study skills.
  • Model problem-solving techniques, and then have you try them.
  • Offer encouragement as you learn to understand difficult concepts.
  • Model critical thinking strategies in the discipline you are studying. They will help you learn how to utilize your text, notes, and additional resources so you are able to problem-solve and find the answers on your own.

Your tutor won't:

  • Do your homework!
  • Give you the answers.
  • Take the place of your instructor.
  • Help you with take-home tests.
  • 'Rescue' you if you miss classes.
  • Help you during their own study time. You must have an appointment.

Step 3: Make an Appointment!

Now that you have familiarized yourself with LBCC's Tutoring Program Guidelines and your responsibilities, you start making appointments! Here's how.

  1. If you are currently enrolled in a credit class, you are already set up with an account in TutorTrac, our scheduling software. 
  2. If you would like a copy of the program guidelines for using Tutoring and the Writing Center, you can print one here, LBCC Tutoring Program and Writing Center Agreement Guidelines

If you have any questions please contact the Learning Center Information Counter at learningcenterinfo@linnbenton.edu

Group Tutoring

Links to the Group Tutoring Zoom Rooms are provided in the course Instructor's Moodle Shell or Syllabus.

After you have enrolled at LBCC, someone may tell you that one of your courses has a group tutoring opportunity. In selected classes we offer this special group study program to help strengthen your understanding of course concepts.

Your group tutor is a well-qualified, former student recommended by the instructors. They will help you connect concepts, answer one another's questions, and prepare for exams. This is an excellent study tool and can be built into your study routine each week. Group tutoring provides an opportunity for you to process and apply information from class with your peers, a highly recommended learning strategy.

You may attend one or all the sessions scheduled, but Group Tutoring is based on attendance, and if it is not utilized we aren't able to continue sessions for the entire term. We recommend you come consistently to get the most out of it.

About Our Tutors

Our tutors are not instructors. Most of them are students, and they are expected to be competent but not experts in their subject area. They will help you to the best of their ability, but their main focus will be to help you learn how to learn so that you can succeed independently. Do not rely on a tutor to 'catch you up' if you miss classes. Tutoring is only a supplement to your own effort.

Your Feedback is Valued
Because we want to provide the best service possible, we are interested in your feedback about the quality of tutoring services you receive. If you have comments, you are encouraged to contact the Tutor Coordinator. When you are asked to complete a tutor evaluation, we really appreciate it when you take the time to return it to us!

Tutor Recommended Resources

If you are wanting additional help, or need assistance before your next tutoring appointment, take a look at these tutor recommended links below.


Math TV: Video tutorials, English and Spanish
Purple Math: Offers homework guidelines, study skills, quizzes, and links to other useful sites
Khan Academy: Video tutorials
The Organic Chemistry Tutor: Video tutorials


The Organic Chemistry Tutor: Video tutorials

Additional Campus Resources

Do you just have a couple of questions? Don't necessarily need an entire tutoring session? Or, are you looking for a little extra assistance on campus before your next class or meeting with your tutor? Check out these additional campus resources:

Resource List by Subject


  • Students who would like assistance with physics, chemistry, or geology classes can visit the Physical Science Help Desk both in-person or on Zoom. Check here, for the Current Term Physical Science Schedule


  • Students who need help in a business course should set up an appointment for one-on-one tutoring, now offered online.


  • Math Support: Let us help you with your math questions! The Math Desk provides a supportive place where students can get drop-in help with all LBCC mathematics and applied mathematics courses.


Writing Center: At LBCC's Writing Center, our goal is to help students become more confident, effective, and expressive writers – and to make the writing process more joyful. We offer coaching for all students for any writing project, in any class, and at any stage in the writing process.

Study Skills

  • Academic Coaching can help you reach your goals by focusing on your strengths and priorities, so you can succeed by working smarter, not harder. Let us help you develop an individualized plan to build academic skills that will serve you at LBCC and beyond. Questions about the "how" of college? We have strategies for your success.

More options:

  • Instructor: Your instructor is your first and best source for answering questions and clarifying information. You can find their office hours on their Instructor Website or your syllabus.
  • Accessibility Resources: Plans accommodations for LBCC students and event guests who are eligible for services. (Located in RCH 114)
  • LBCC Library: Library staff are available to give you tips on your research papers or projects.The Student Help Desk is able to assist with technology needs such as wifi, email, Moodle, SSO, etc.       

Physical Science Resources

Students who need help in any physics or chemistry course should drop by the Physical Science Desk on the first floor of Madrone Hall, under the stairs.  This service is maintained by the Physical Sciences Department.  For more information, contact Ommidala Pattawong at pattawo@linnbenton.edu or at 541-917-4625.

Tutoring Program Mission

To provide academic assistance which maximizes your learning potential, academic performance, and adjustment to college;
  • To encourage you to develop a positive attitude and confidence in your ability to learn;
  • To help you become an independent learner;
  • To provide support to help you maintain high academic performance