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How to Make an Appointment

The Make an Appointment - Sign in to MyLB link in our menu will now take you to the My LB Single Sign On log in page. Please click the "Continue to Log In" button, and log in with your Student ID number and password.

Look for TutorTrac: Learning Center to make and attend appointments.  Haven't used TutorTrac before? Here are the Instructions for Scheduling (pdf) and a Video Guide to Scheduling (YouTube).

The Learning Center uses a scheduling software called TutorTrac.  Learning Center appointments will be held via Zoom video conferencing through TutorTrac or in person in the Learning Center space on the second floor of Willamette Hall.  

Read the program guidelines and review your responsibilities (see LBCC Tutoring Program and Writing Center Registration Agreement Guidelines).

If you have questions about how to make, attend, or cancel appointments, please call us at 541-917-4684 or email learningcenterinfo@linnbenton.edu.

If there is no availability for the service that you wish to use, please contact the service center directly:

Scheduling and Attending Learning Center Appointments

Making Your Appointment:

Step 1: Log On:

  1. Log in to your MyLB Account - you will find the My LB link on any page of the linnbenton.edu website:

    screenshot of LB website header

  2. On the next page, click Continue to Sign On...

    screenshot of MyLB launch page

  3. ... and enter your Student ID number (format: X000000) and password on the following webpage:
    screenshot of SSO login page

  4. You will see a window called My Applications. Choose the TutorTrac: Learning Center tile to access TutorTrac, our appointment scheduling system:

    screenshot of MyLB app portal

Step 2: Make an Appointment

  1. In TutorTrac, click on "Search Availabilities":

    screenshot of TutorTrac search

  2. Choose your Learning Center service area and class or other option (Academic Coaching options are "Meet with a Coach, Digital Literacy, or International Students"):

    screenshot of TutorTrac search options

    Note: all Writing Center appointments should be set as "online" for location.
  3. Choose an appointment by clicking on the appointment time that works best for you:

    screenshot of TutorTrac appointment times

  4. Before clicking on “Save” you may leave a note for your tutor letting them know what you’d like to focus on in the appointment. Be sure to select “Save” to secure the appointment time.

    screenshot of TutorTrac appointment notes

  5. Once you have booked your appointment, you can click on “Main Menu” in the upper, left corner of your screen to take you back to see your Upcoming Appointments:

    screenshot of TutorTrac navigation

    Main Page:

    screenshot of TutorTrac main page

Attending Your Appointment

Step 1: Log On

  1. Sign into your MyLB account (see above).
  2. Choose the Tutortrac: Learning Center Tile:

    screenshot of MyLB

Step 2: Join your online appointment

Click on the Zoom link next to your appointment time. This link appears 10 minutes prior to the start of your appointment:

screenshot of TutorTrac appointment

Be sure to join with your computer audio

For questions, or if you need assistance connecting to your appointment, please contact the Learning Center Information staff at: learningcenterinfo@linnbenton.edu OR drop into the Learning Center Information Drop in Zoom. Days, hours and the Zoom link are posted here, on the Learning Center Webpage.