Learning Center

Roadrunner Wellness Room

What: A comfortable, quiet, and private room for relaxing
Where:  Learning Center, 2nd Floor Willamette Hall
When: The Roadrunner Wellness Room is open during Learning Center's hours and reservable for 30 minutes at a time. Check available times here.
Who: The room can be reserved by LBCC students, faculty, and staff.
Why: We all need a break sometimes!

Having a rough week? Tense from finals? The Wellness Room offers Roadrunners a welcome retreat during hectic times. This soothing space includes a massage chair, yoga equipment,  art materials, and most importantly, peace and quiet for some uninterrupted relaxation. The room can be reserved for up to 30 minutes at a time and is located in a low-traffic area of the Learning Center. Check with the Learning Center Information Desk or use the reservation calendar to schedule.

Need help with the online calendar? Here's a guide. Please limit reservations to 30 minutes at a time.

LBCC is grateful to the Peace Initiative Grant for its generous funding.