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Fall Term Hours - September 28-December 9
Monday -Thursday 8:30 am -6 pm
Friday- 8:30 am -5 pm
All services are remote.

What does Academic Coaching do?
We offer support to students who wish to gain and refine skills in:
  • time management and organization  
  • note-taking 
  • test preparation 
  • reading strategies
  • how to be successful in a remote environment 
  • metacognitive approaches to learning    
  • motivation
  • understanding college systems
  • resource referral
  • using college software such as Microsoft 365 and Google Suite 

Who do you work with?

All students enrolled at LBCC can take advantage of Academic Coaching.

How can I sign up for coaching?

You can sign up for appointments by contacting us or on your own through TutorTrac (tutortrac.linnbenton.edu), the Learning Center's appointment scheduling system.  We are under "Academic Coaching." 

We offer appointments in 50 minute blocks and can work via Zoom, phone or Google Chat. Appointments are available throughout the week and some evenings.

 Why should I use Academic Coaching?

We focus on your strengths and priorities to help you reach your goals with insider college knowledge, so you can succeed by working smarter, not harder. We work with you to develop an individualized plan to build your academic skills to serve you at LBCC and beyond.

If you have further questions about what academic coaching can do for you, please contact Kristen Jennings at jennink@linnbenton.edu