Lost? Need Help? Ask Your Navigator!

Navigators are vital members of student success teams who stick with students from their first term all the way to their end goal. They are the perfect go-to folks for help navigating college processes like registration, getting connected with clubs, and accessing resources. Think of them as your personal concierge for your Linn-Benton experience, always ready to answer any question that comes their way (if they don't know the answer, they know who does, so you'll be taken care of no matter what). 

Navigators are assigned by a student's starting META Major. Here are the Navigators who cover each area.

Agriculture and Arts & Humanities

Carlena Weeks

Hi there, I'm Carlena Weeks, your go-to person for all things Arts & Humanities and Agriculture. My days are filled with helping students thrive in their academic pursuits, but when the sun sets, it's game time. I'm a hardcore Dungeons and Dragons fan, where imagination takes the lead. Let's explore uncharted territories in academia together!

photo of Carlena Weeks


Marci Johnston

Hello! My name is Marci Johnston, and I am passionate about LBCC and value helping others to achieve their goals. I have two roles at the college: Navigator for the Business META and Career & Advising Support Specialist. In my free time, I like to craft, play board games with my family, and hit the river when the weather gets warm. 

photo of Marci Johnston

Education & Social Services

Marlene Fantus

Aloha, I'm Marlene Fantus, and I'm all about supporting students in the field of Education and Social Services. Growing up in Hawaii has instilled a deep sense of community in me, and I love sharing that warmth with my students. When I'm not on campus, you'll find me cruising to the coast and spending time with my wonderful grandkids. Let's connect and bring that island spirit into our educational journey.

photo of Marlene Fantus

Health & Healthcare

Marissa Johnston

Hey there, I'm Marissa Johnston, and my passion lies in helping students navigate the exciting world of healthcare. By day, I'm all about providing the best advice and support for our future healthcare professionals. When I'm not on campus, you'll catch me tearing up the dance floor, especially when it comes to ballroom and line dancing. Oh, and I'm a DIY enthusiast, crafting my own costumes for Renaissance fairs. Let's chat and bring some of that creativity and innovation to our healthcare education journey!

photo of Marissa Johnston

Science, Engineering, & Math

Tracy Bates

Hey, I'm Tracy Bates, and I'm here to help students navigate the exciting world of Science, Engineering, and Math. With a background in middle school education, I now focus on guiding students through their First Year Seminar. It's all about laying a strong foundation for success. If you're as passionate about learning and innovation as I am, let's chat and make this academic journey an incredible one!

photo of Tracy Bates

Science, Engineering, & Math

Jordan Sanders

Hi, I'm Jordan Sanders, one of the navigators for in the META of science, engineering, and math. By day, I'm driven to support students in these fields. By night, I coach high-school basketball. My passion for teamwork and problem-solving extends from the court to the lab. Let's connect and advance together in academia.

photo of Jordan Sanders

Trades & Culinary

Kory Sessions-Riseley

Hi there, I'm Kory Sessions-Riseley, and I'm your go-to support for students in Trades & Culinary. While I'm here to help you on your academic path, I also moonlight as the lead vocalist for an 80s cover band. Fun, right? Back in the day, I was a journalist in sunny California. Let's mix the flavors of academia and creativity to whip up something extraordinary together.

photo of Kory Sessions-Riseley