Accessibility Resources

Workplace Accommodations

Employees at LBCC with a qualifying disability may request accommodation when there is a workplace barrier that is preventing them from competing for a job, performing a job, or gaining equal access to a benefit of employment.

LBCC is committed to providing reasonable workplace accommodations for known physical or mental impairments of an applicant or employee as well as limitations related to pregnancy, childbirth, or a related medical condition, such as lactation, unless the accommodations would cause an undue hardship.

Individuals who experience disability may request an accommodation in accordance with the applicable procedures listed or linked below. Each request is addressed on a case-by-case basis.

Process Steps

Current Employees Requesting an Accommodation

This includes all full-time and part-time employees, as well as, work-study, cooperative work experience (CWE), and Learn and Earn student employees.

Accessibility Resources will facilitate an interactive process, between the employee and their supervisor.  Employees may request an accommodation verbally or in writing by doing one of the following:

Engaging in the Interactive Process

LBCC utilizes an interactive process, which simply means that Accessibility Resources, the supervisor, and the employee with a disability who requests an accommodation work together to determine what reasonable accommodation is needed and what will be implemented.

Once an accommodation request has been received, the Accessibility Resources will gather whatever information is necessary to process the request. Necessary information may include documentation of the disability from a healthcare provider and the need for accommodation.

In some cases, the employee’s disability and need for accommodation are obvious and no additional information is needed. The accommodation needs to be reasonable, and effective (meaning the) accommodation(s) makes it possible for the employee to complete all essential functions of their position), and take both the employee’s and employer’s needs into consideration.

Implementing, Recording, and Monitoring the Accommodation

Once the accommodation has been determined and implemented, the effectiveness is monitored by the employee and supervisor. The accommodation is then documented and maintained by Accessibility Resources, confidentially separate from the personnel file. If an employee chooses to work directly with their supervisor, any accommodations made for the employee must be reported to Accessibility Resources for documentation.

Accessibility Resources will respond in a timely manner to all accommodation requests.

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