Center for Accessibility Resources

How to Get Started

Steps to Apply to the Center for Accessibility Resources (CFAR)

If you are experiencing a barrier that interferes with your chances of being a successful student, CFAR encourages you to begin this process as soon as possible. To establish accommodations, you must complete Part 1 and Part 2 of the accommodation process.

Printable Steps to Apply (English, Spanish)


Part I:

1. Register with Center for Accessibility Resources:

Complete our Online Application

2. Submit Documentation or Evidence of Disability:

  • Students are responsible for providing current documentation or evidence of disability. 
  • LBCC does not assess or diagnose for any disabilities.
  • Acceptable sources of documentation for proving a student’s disability can take a variety of forms. These may include information from:
  • Diagnosing professionals
  • Former educational facilities
  • Vocational Rehabilitation Services
  • Department of Veterans Affairs
  • Student's self-report (if no documentation exists)

See Providing Documentation or Evidence of Disability page for more info

3. Complete Intake Appointment:

  • This is an interactive process to develop an accommodation plan.
  • Please allow approximately 10 business days for your application and documentation or evidence of disability to be reviewed once received.

Part 2:

1. Learn How To Request And Use Your Accommodations:

  • Complete a training to learn how to request and use your approved accommodations.

  • This is a required step to complete the intake process.