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Bridging the gap between what we learn in class and our future careers helping others, Change Makers is a group of students who are motivated to make a difference at Linn-Benton Community College. A co-curricular for Human Development and Family Sciences majors, all students are welcome to join us!

Serve the LBCC community by providing resources and support.

Unite as we aspire to be in a challenging but rewarding field: building each other up and having fun. 

Change is part of the solution to improving our local community, as well as growing our own understanding of what it means to make a difference.

Our activities include participating in Mental Health Week, writing a grant proposal for all LBCC students to have access to the (paid) Headspace App, writing articles for The Commuter, and participating in pre-professional activities like the National Organization for Human Services virtual conference.

If you are interested in finding out more about Change Makers, please fill out this form.

What Students Have to Say

"The best part about the changemakers is the community, within the group and those we serve. It's inspiring to see how much heart and love people have to give to help those around us."  --Wesley Sharp, Human Services major and OSU Degree Partnership student.

"Change Makers is a group of students who gather and check in on one another. Each of us have different backgrounds of education and life experience so when we ask 'How can we make our academic environment better?' we form a well rounded, thoughtful, and welcoming change. It's so much more than a co-curricular or academic club. This experience has grounded me in school while gaining knowledge and getting a taste about the field I want to enter."-- Sharon Curtis, LBCC Human Services major

Where to Find Us

Please contact for information about Change Makers Meetings. Change Makers meet the second Monday and last Thursday of each month.

Upcoming Events

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