Clubs & Programs

Co-Curricular Programs

Co-curriculars are a little different from clubs. They’re overseen and supported by their respective academic programs at LBCC and provide both a learning experience and camaraderie among students who share similar academic interests. Co-curricular programs allow students to become more deeply involved in their education by offering hands-on opportunities for learning, performance, competition and travel. If you’re interested in these courses of study or a particular co-curricular program, ask your advisor how you can get involved.


Art Galleries

Anne Magratten: 541-917-4545

Auto Tech

Michael Leblanc: 541-917-4595

Business Team

Paul Hibbard: 541-917-4262
Lawrence LaJoie: 541-917-4953

Change Makers

Denise Hughes-Tafen: 541-917-4904

Civil Discourse Program

Mark Urista: 541-917-4522

The Commuter

Rob Priewe: 541-917-4563

Culinary Arts

Audrey Anderson: 541-917-4397
Josh Green: 541-917-4403


Barry Payton: 541-917-4943

Equity, Diversity, & Inclusion

Angel Dorantes: 541-917-4292


Scott McAleer: 541-917-4578

Industrial Tech Society

Marc Rose: 541-917-4581
Michael Brown: 541-917-4581

Machine Tool

Chris Berry: 541-917-4509

Remote Operated Vehicle (ROV)

Greg Mulder: 541-917-4744

Space Exploration

Brian Reed: 541-917-4622

Vocal Music

Raymund Ocampo: 541-917-4550


Competitive Teams

Livestock Judging

Clay Weber: 541-917-4768

Equestrian Team

Jenny Strooband: 541-917-4767