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Poetry Club

The Club

The LBCC Poetry Club is a vibrant community dedicated to providing students, staff, and community members with a safe space where they can learn about, listen to, read, write, and workshop poetry. All students and community members are welcome! 

For the fall of 2021, Poetry Club will meet virtually on Mondays from 2-4 p.m. We  will resume meeting in person once the lockdown has been lifted. 

Poetry Club members enrich the campus with events like Word Mob and creative projects like the Poetry Wall (located in North Santiam Hall), poetry birdhouses (scattered across the main campus quad), and a virtual archive where members can share their poetry with each other. 


In Case You Missed It

Highlights from last year

  • Anis Mojgani, the Oregon Poet Laureate, held an amazing virtual poetry performance and workshop
  • Virtual versions of our annual events, including A Warm Red Autumn and Word Mob

The Student Poet Laureate 

The poet Laureate receives a financial stipend provided by the president of the college. This is unique to LBCC. No other community college in the country has a poet laureate. This was done in recognition of the creative power of poetry, and its importance for students, staff, and the community.

Next to running Poetry Club meetings, the Poet Laureate spreads poetry across LBCC and the community it serves through events and collaborations. Poetry Club members are a big part of this work. Events are held on and off-campus and have included poetry slams in Corvallis and Eugene, readings and performances at the Benton Center, and collaborative projects with EDI, Alliance, and the English department.

Want to join? Just show up to one of our meetings. You can also contact Sophia Griffith, our current Poet Laureate, or Tristan Striker, the faculty advisor. 

Poetry Club Recognitions

  • 2009: Kaedence Eaton: LBCC Outstanding Student of the year
  • 2015: Poetry Club was awarded event of the year (Word Mob) 
  • 2019: Tristan Striker awarded faculty adviser of the year