Math Fast Track

LBCC’s Math Fast Track is for students who are familiar with math, but may have forgotten some of the concepts needed to take college level math.

If you tested into Math 050, 075, or 095; or if you took algebra in the past but haven’t used it for a while — especially if you’re motivated to complete multiple course skills in one term — the Fast Track may be for you.

Math Fast Track helps you fill in the gaps in your knowledge, so that you can test into a higher-level math. In doing so, it prepares you to move through lower-division courses at a faster rate, saving money on tuition by combining multiple courses into one term. The coursework is skills-focused and individually paced; your instructor can help you set goals and deadlines.

The material available for the Fast Track includes Math 050 through 095; your new math placement will be based on your new skill level.

You must be a dedicated, highly-motivated student with time and a strong work ethic to do well in the Math Fast Track.

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Wyatt Zuber

Math Fast Track Participant

Wyatt Zuber learned about Math Fast Track at LBCC’s new student orientation. He hadn't taken a math class since finishing high school about six years back, but felt he should have scored better on the placement test.

"When I finished high school, I placed well beyond Math 111, so when I tested into basic math, it kind of surprised me. I figured I just needed a refresher. The nice thing about Math Fast Track is that you can work at your own pace. During class, you spend the hour working on the computer math program, and the instructor comes around and works with you individually. The rest is up to you.

“I cruised through basic math in six days. I also finished beginning algebra. My goal was to get through three math levels, and I fell just short of that, which is okay. I learned a lot in ten weeks, basically 30 weeks of math. The class saved me time and money: about two terms, and around $900."

Wyatt Zuber


Autumn Helenihi

Math Fast Track Participant

Autumn Helenihi returned to school after 20 years, and although she remembered taking advanced algebra and calculus in high school, she tested into beginning algebra. That’s when she decided to give Math Fast Track a try.

"I was nervous about coming back to school after so long, and I tested into a level of math that was lower than I expected. I’ve taken lots of math in the past. Math Fast Track gave me an opportunity to dust off the cobwebs and refresh my memory. It not only saved me a lot of time, but saved me money as well. In one term, I was able to work my way through Math 50, 75, and 95, essentially three terms of math in one term, saving me about $1,200."

Autumn Helinihi