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Many employers recognize that an associate degree in mathematics is evidence of high-level training in problem-solving. This makes you a desirable candidate in many possible fields.

In LBCC’s mathematics program, you’ll build a solid foundation in math and physics, preparing you for transfer to Oregon State University to complete your upper-division coursework. Students who enter their studies with a strong background in high school mathematics and science can expect to complete the degree in two years. If you need to take pre-calculus courses, you should expect to spend more than two years in the program.

Hand with chalk writing mathematic equations on a chalk board
LBCC students working with math professor in classroom

Device Requirements

Are you enrolling in Math 050, 075 or 095? If so, you’ll need to bring a laptop, tablet, or other device to class.

Math Fast Track

If you’re familiar with math but you’ve forgotten some concepts, Math Fast Track could save you time and money by helping you place higher. Learn more and read student stories.

Math Support

The Math Department has several spaces where you can drop in for some friendly help with all levels of math offered at LBCC (no appointment needed). The Math Café offers support for MTH 15, 50, 75, 95, 98, 105 and 111. The Math Help Desk and Zoom offer support for any math course. Visit the Math Support page.

In White Oak Hall, there is a small but inviting student study area in room WOH121. This room is equipped with a whiteboard wall and whiteboard tables to support collaboration and study groups. There are also comfortable seats and outlets to charge electronics. This space is convenient for students because it is close to math instructor offices for office hours and near math classrooms.