LBCC + Western Oregon University

Frequently Asked Questions

WOU-Bound Students

When should I sign up for DPP?

The short answer is: as soon as you are eligible. This way, if WOU's programs change some of their requirements you will not have to re-take classes or take different classes from the current program requirements. As a DPP student, you are an WOU student and will earn catalog rights once you have taken your first credit at WOU.

The deadline to apply is 3 weeks prior to the start of the term.  At the very latest, however, sign-up about a month prior to the start of the term you'd like to begin taking classes at WOU. 

When applying, request official transcripts to be sent to WOU for all of your college course work (all official transcripts need to come directly from the school that awarded the credits regardless if LBCC has received/evaluated them).  LBCC will not automatically send transcripts to WOU for the application process; they need to be requested.  If you completed the foreign language requirement by taking two years of foreign language in high school, you will need to have your official high school transcripts sent to WOU as well.  

Do I need to take placement tests at WOU?

As a current LBCC student transitioning to WOU, you will not be required to take additional placement tests.

Who decides if I get admitted?

Western Oregon University evaluates all DPP applications.  For transfer students, WOU is looking at the following criteria:

  • Completed 36 transferable, college-level credits
  • Completed WR 121 (English Composition) with a grade of C or better***
  • Completed MTH 105 or MTH 111 with a grade of C or better***
  • Earn a GPA of 2.25 or higher

***Students may be conditionally admitted with in-progress math and writing courses. The condition would be to complete the in-progresses courses with the C- or better prior to first term to have the condition removed.

Students need to be in "good standing" with their current institution.

How do I find out if I am admitted?

WOU will notify students of admission once they have evaluated all transcripts.  This can take 4-6 weeks.  Keep an eye out on the email used to set up the application.  If WOU feels your application is incomplete (for example they have not received official transcripts from a school), they will send you an email requesting the required information.

When do I have to pay tuition and fees at WOU?

Fee payment information can be found on the WOU Accounting & Business Services Website, their schedule of due dates, and printed Tuition and Fee Handbook.

What are the add/drop and tuition refund deadlines at WOU?

At WOU ,the Add/Drop and Tuition/Refund Schedule is published on our Academic Calendar.  As the refund schedule is managed by WOU’s Business Office, more detailed information can be found here. The last day to add a class by web without departmental permission is before the close of the 5th calendar day after classes begin.

I've been admitted and ready to register for a class at WOU. What's next?

You must sign up to attend an orientation session prior to the term that you are planning on taking classes at WOU. During the summer there are several SOAR orientation sessions for transfer students.  Between terms there will be at least one session as well.  During the orientation you will learn about transitional resources at WOU, meet with an WOU advisor, and be assigned to the time you may register for any WOU classes. Email Kennedy Schade at to be connected with the appropriate academic advisor and begin your journey.

How will I know if I am taking the right courses at LBCC to transfer into my major at WOU?

See your LBCC advisor regularly!  Meeting with an WOU advisor at the Partnerships Office is another great way to be reassured that you are on-track.  Following the catalog plan of study for an AAOT degree will also ensure that your courses transfer to WOU.  We also have some transfer guides that can be used as an additional reference, although there is no substitute for meeting with your advisor.


 Current WOU Students

Do I need to attend an orientation program at LBCC?

Currently enrolled WOU students and brand new students planning to attend a new student orientation at WOU are not required to attend an orientation at LBCC when you sign up for the Degree Partnership Program. We do, however, have different policies and systems here than at WOU, and it pays for you to be familiar with these.

How do I sign up for classes at LBCC once I'm admitted to the DPP program?

Once we have your account set up, you will receive an email with your LBCC student ID number and a claim code to set up My LB Single Sign On.  One of the applications available in the My LB student portal is WebRunner, which is the system LBCC students use to register for classes.  For additional registration information check out this registration and schedule webpage or send us an email at

How do I pay for classes at LBCC with my WOU financial aid?

While your credits you are taking at both schools are added together to show your full load, our billing systems are not connected.  OSU will not send LBCC money directly -- it is your responsibility to pay your bill at LBCC.  LBCC offers online payment through your WebRunner account or you can pay in-person at our Albany Campus Business Office or at the Benton Center in Corvallis.

Can I re-take a class that I failed at WOU at LBCC?

You can re-take a class that you failed, and when you pass that class at LBCC, it can meet graduation or program requirements at WOU. However, you cannot replace the grade you got at WOU with the grade you got at LBCC (or vice verse). Grade replacements can only happen within the same institution. Generally, then, we tell students to re-take the class they failed at the institution they originally took the class at.

Are classes at LBCC easier than at WOU?

Although all classes are different, the short answer is no. When a class counts at both institutions, it's because both schools have reviewed the class and found that it leads to students reaching the same learning outcomes. Classes at LBCC are often smaller, which means that you get more interaction with the instructor, and the instructor can assign more grading-intensive projects. This means that classes at LBCC are just as hard, if not harder, than the same class at WOU.

How do I get into an LBCC class, when I took the pre-requisite at WOU?

Simply fill out this online form.

How will I know if I am taking the right courses at LBCC to transfer into my major at WOU?

Meeting with an WOU advisor at the Partnerships Office is a great way to be reassured that you are on-track. Following the catalog plan of study for an AAOT degree will also ensure that your courses transfer to WOU. WOU has developed four-year plans that reflect the necessary education path at LBCC and on to WOU for many of our degrees. Please check with your advisor.