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How does financial aid work for dually enrolled students?

As you’re planning your schedule for the year, here are the key steps to getting financial aid while dually-enrolled.  

  1.  Choose which school will be awarding your financial aid.  We call this the “home school.” There are several things to consider with this decision.  Some key points to keep in mind:
    • It is possible to change your home school before each term, but it’s best to choose it once in the fall and leave it, since you will have to be re-awarded an aid package each time you change it.  If you need to change your home school, log into your WOU student portal and submit the Degree Partnership Program - Change Home School form.
    • Keep in mind that you need to take at least six credits per term at your home school.  Scholarships and grants will typically require more than one credit to be taken at the home school, so be sure to check with the financial aid office.
    • If you are starting in on your 300- or 400-level courses at WOU, then you must choose WOU as your home school, because LBCC cannot award aid for upper-division course work.
  2. Make sure that your home school is listed on your FAFSA.  If you need to edit your FAFSA to add it, that’s no problem!  Just log back in to the FAFSA site to add a school. WOU’s school code is 003209, and LBCC’s is 006938.
  3. Once you have a home school, our financial aid offices will share information on how many credits you are registered for at each school, and your aid package will be based on your total credits.
  4. Our billing systems are not connected, so you need to pay your bill at whichever institution is not your home school.  You might have a refund from financial aid at your home school, which you can use to pay your bill at the other school.

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