Nursing Assistant

Program Details

Nursing Assistant Level 1

LBCC offers a 164-hour hybrid training course as approved by the Oregon State Board of Nursing (OSBN). It consists of 89 hours of online classroom and live skills lab instruction combined with 75 hours of live clinicals in a long-term care facility. The clinical portion of this course is direct patient care, applying all of the technical skills from a didactic teaching method.

Course subjects include: interpersonal skills and communication, growth and development throughout the life cycle, cultural aspects, legal and ethical aspects, medical and nursing terminology, general patient care; patient bathing, taking and recording vital signs, feeding patients, infection control, and caring for patient’s personal needs.

Before applying to the Nursing Assistant Level 1 course, view the following information:

The Nursing Assistant course is a Restricted Special Admission course that requires students to apply for acceptance into a class.

Students interested in applying to the Nursing Assistant Training course must submit the following documentation to qualify their application:

  • Must have a GED or High School Diploma, unless otherwise stated.
  • American Heart Association BLS Healthcare Provider CPR card (only card accepted).
  • Negative TB test (Photocopy of results) – The report must be performed within 1 year from the term end date.
  • Photo ID.
  • COVID-19* – proof of being fully vaccinated. No waivers accepted.
  • Social Security Number.

Alternative Options:

  • A current passport and US Visa showing the entitlement to work in the United States such as an H1B Visa.
  • I-766 or other current federal government form authorizing the individual to work in the US.
  • If the applicant is attending school on an F1 visa, they must provide a copy of a valid I94 and I20 which has been signed by the designated school authority.
  • Tax identification number.
  • Other federally issued identification numbers.

Students accepted to the course are required to complete the following requirements:

  1. MANDATORY ORIENTATION: Attend the Mandatory Orientation (location/date/time TBA)
  2. INFORMATION RELEASE: Instructions will be provided to admitted students with the admission materials
  3. CRIMINAL BACKGROUND CHECK: Passing the LBCC approved criminal background check will be required (estimated cost of background check/drug screen $120.75)
  4. DRUG TEST: Passing the LBCC approved drug test will be required (costs-refer to background check)
    • Positive Hepatitis B surface antibody titer* – Complete 3 doses of Engerix-B, Recombivax HB, or Twinrix or complete Heplisav-B, a 2-dose vaccine (you must ask for this vaccine). After you have completed the series, complete a surface antibody titer.
    • MMR (Measles, Mumps, Rubella) * – positive antibody titers for all three components or 2 vaccines
    • Varicella (Chicken Pox) * – positive antibody titer or 2 vaccines
    • Tdap (Tetanus, Diphtheria and Pertussis) * – 1 dose within the last 10 years and updated every 10 years.

Vaccination Waivers will not be excepted

Be advised: The background check or drug screening will not be conducted until you have secured acceptance, as directed in the "Letter of Acceptance", where you will receive directions on account set-up and completion of the background and drug screening. 

IMPORTANT: If any of the above listed requirements are not met by the deadline given, the Linn-Benton Nursing Assistant course reserves the right to exit students from the course.

Financial Aid

This is a non-credit course. Financial aid is not available for non-credit courses. You may be eligible for a Workforce Innovation and Opportunity Act (WIOA) Scholarship.

When applying for a scholarship or grant, please remember to submit an application for the course during open enrollment and note in an email that your acceptance is dependent on grant or scholarship funds so that we may assist you in the process.