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Madison Ave. Collective Ignites Curiosity through New Scholarships at LBCC

Jeff Jimerson

Jeff Jimerson, the principal and creative director of Madison Ave. Collective (MAC), has set out on a mission to ignite the curiosity of aspiring visual artists and graphic designers at Linn-Benton Community College through the new MAC Stay Curious Scholarship.

Two Stay Curious scholarships in the amount of $2,000 each will be awarded in fall 2024 for students studying graphic design or related programs at the college.  

Jeff's familiarity with LBCC runs deep. As the principal and creative director of MAC, a branding design and website development firm in Corvallis, Jeff has been a longstanding partner of LBCC. This partnership has included significant contributions, such as the college's rebranding efforts in 2018-2019 and the development of its new website in 2019. 

In addition to these efforts, Jeff actively serves on the advisory board of LBCC’s Visual Arts Department, and he often serves as a guest lecturer at the college. His passion for community colleges stems from his belief in their unique role in higher education. 

"We have experience in higher ed with several community colleges and universities, but there's something unique and special about community colleges," Jeff shared.

While Jeff and his team at MAC are well-versed in community philanthropy through their MAC Gives Back program, their commitment to LBCC and community college education takes on a new dimension with the introduction of the scholarships.

Jeff emphasized that community colleges often serve individuals from diverse backgrounds, including first-generation students, and those who might not have had the opportunity to attend college otherwise. This diversity, both in terms of backgrounds and economic status, makes working with community colleges particularly meaningful for MAC.

The scholarship was named for one of MAC’s core values: Stay curious. 

"Our second core value at MAC—stay curious—is all about growth, learning, and improvement, both professionally and personally. We thought it was a great tie-in to education,” Jeff explained.

In today's rapidly evolving digital landscape, the role of graphic designers in effective visual communication has never been more critical. Designers who possess the ability to convey ideas and messages visually play an essential role in branding, marketing, web design, and multimedia production.

Lewis Franklin, chair of the Visual Communications Program at LBCC, agrees. “We live in a visual culture, and the internet A.I. has made it even more so. Visual communications, or graphic design, helps to organize the visual clutter, and any business that wants to be relevant must understand branding along with visual messaging,” he clarified.

With technology and design trends constantly evolving, the MAC Stay Curious Scholarships will offer two students the financial means to access a quality education and the opportunity to acquire the skills and knowledge needed to thrive in this competitive field.

“Scholarships are critical to level the playing field for those wishing to explore this field,” said Lewis. “There is nothing as hard as losing a wonderfully talented student simply because of program cost.”

Jeff Jimerson and MAC's commitment to LBCC is a testament to the impact that local partnerships can have on community colleges and the individuals they serve. Through the MAC Stay Curious Scholarship, Jeff and MAC are not only nurturing the dreams of aspiring graphic designers, but also contributing to the broader goal of accessible and equitable education for all.


The LBCC Foundation’s Spring Scholarship Cycle opens on February 20th. To learn more about LBCC Foundation scholarships or the Visual Arts Department, visit the LBCC website.