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Visual Arts

We live in a visual world. As such, studying the visual arts opens up numerous opportunities. Understanding the images in our lives is important not just for artists or designers, but also more generally for anyone who navigates visual environments on a daily basis.

Students of art develop crucial communication and critical thinking skills. By solving complex problems in project-based classes, you’ll build your decision-making and implementation skills, become effective at understanding and interpreting images, and grow to create more effective visual environments yourself.

Woman standing in front of sculpture installation
Faculty member Mandy Keathley stands in front of her sculpture installation
Still life painting of a cup, teapot, and flower
Still life painting by LBCC student Jeanne Michaels
Pencil drawing of a woman's eye
Drawing by LBCC student Tiana Hooley

Department Faculty

Maddison Colvin photo
Maddison Colvin
Lewis Franklin photo
Lewis Franklin
Isabelle Havet photo
Isabelle Havet
Mandy Keathley photo
Mandy Keathley
Anne Magratten photo
Anne Magratten
Renee McKitterick photo
Renee McKitterick
Andrew Myers photo
Andrew Myers
Luke Peterson photo
Luke Peterson
Katherine Spinella photo
Katherine Spinella
Matthew Williams photo
Matthew Williams