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The president releases a regular report for the Board of Education before the Board's monthly meeting to update them on recent happenings, especially notable outreach and government relations efforts.

Latest President's Monthly Report (January 2024)

Board Report
January 2024

Campus Childcare and Community Colleges

When considering how best to provide successful Education for All, a key constituent
group is student parents. According to the American Association of Community
Colleges, nearly half (47%) of postsecondary students age 18 to 24 with children attend
community college, roughly three times the percent of parent students who attend public
four-year colleges (15%) and private for-profit institutions (16%).

Nationwide, more than 2 million community college students are parents of children
under 18. Seventy percent of these parents are mothers, and many of these mothers
are ethnically diverse. The economic well-being of those families is highly dependent on
successful completion of degrees and certificates leading to high wages.

The American Association of Community College Trustees, in a recent brief, outlined
several challenges facing student parents, often making it difficult for them to graduate:
They face numerous demands on their time, which include caring for children and often,
holding a job, in addition to attending classes and completing coursework. Two-thirds of
student parents in community college work, which can disrupt degree completion.
Caregiving takes up substantial time as well, with roughly a quarter of women in
community college reporting that they spend 30 hours or more each week providing
care to dependents, and more than four in ten who live with dependents saying that
their care obligations are likely to cause them to drop out of school. Affordable, reliable
child care is essential to helping student parents balance these time demands, but
quality care can be expensive and the number of community colleges with on-campus
child care has declined as the number of student parents in community college has

To address these concerns, ACCT recommends a series of best practices to help
student parents succeed.

  1. Establish campus programs and collaborate with community service providers to
    give student parents access to resources they need to stay in school.
  2. Partner with the local early care and education community to help student
    parents find child care that meets their needs.
  3. Collect data on students' parent status to better understand parents’ college
    needs and outcomes.
  4. Promote federal, state, and local strategies to improve the availability of
    affordable child care.

At LBCC, our efforts are well-aligned with those recommendations. LBCC has provided
a child care referral service for many years, consistent with recommendation #3 from
the ACCT report. Through our Parenting Success Network, families can find referrals to
high-quality child care providers in Linn and Benton (and Lincoln) counties.

Related to recommendation #1, we have made great strides recently, and I am happy to
announce that LBCC’s Periwinkle Child Development Center will open to children on
February 5, 2024. The Grand Opening Event will be held Tuesday, February 13 from
4:00-5:30. Board members are warmly welcome to attend this celebratory event and to
share the invitation with interested colleagues and constituents. We’ll send more details

The Center will begin with a "soft" opening in Winter term, offering one Preschool
classroom. We hope to open a second Preschool classroom Spring term. When fully
operational (target: Fall term 2024), we will offer 3 Preschool classrooms and 1 Toddler
classroom, serving a total of 75 children. Kendra Votava is the director and teachers,
for the initial classroom, have been hired. Currently, 24 families have applied, 16 of
whom are LBCC student parents

Affordability is a central tenet of the approach. We are offering a discounted tuition for
winter and spring term for students of $250 for full-day care. The rate for staff, faculty,
or community members is $900 for full-day care. Students will be eligible for Oregon’s
Employment Related Day Care funds as more funds become available in July 2024. We
are prioritizing students, then staff and faculty, then, as space allows, community

To keep the program affordable and high-quality, LBCC staff are seeking external
support. Pending Grant applications are outlined below:

  1. LBCC Foundation Peace Grant- requested $2910 to support Second Step social
    emotional curriculum sets and Ages and Stages Social Emotional sets in English
    and Spanish.
  2. New America Grant- requested $30,000 to support student parents with child
    care costs through monthly scholarships ($22,500), two staff to support
    Admissions with creating a data collection/infrastructure plan ($5,000), and a
    student parent support club ($2,500). In alignment with recommendation 3
    above, we are learning that we need better data collection on the numbers of
    student parents and the ages of their children, so the data collection plan is a
    high priority. Intake information on our application will soon have questions about
    parenting, in keeping with a new HECC requirement.
  3. When eligible, LBCC will apply for federal funding under CCAMPIS (Child Care
    Access Means Parents in School), the only federal assistance available to
    support child care in postsecondary education (this fits with recommendation #4).

The 2022 bond measure was critical to the remodel and start-up of the Center. Thank
you to LBCC Board members and community members who supported the effort to
expand high-quality child care for student parents and community members. Thanks
also to Dr. Meg Roland for her assistance in compiling this report.

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Roadrunner Report

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The president's Roadrunner Report is a monthly publication released on or before the end of the month to showcase program highlights, faculty and staff achievements and other relevant college-wide news.

Latest Roadrunner Report (December 2023) 
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December 2023

Dear colleagues,

As we prepare for a brief break, I have some December updates for you:

On December 1, the LBCC Choirs and Culinary Arts both showcased their talents with end of term events. Culinary Arts hosted a sold out banquet with a theme of Cajun/southern fare. The Choirs offered an incredible performance with their “One Voice” concert. I enjoyed meeting with donors and guests at the Foundation’s pre-concert reception, as well as the choir’s featured soloist. 

The Albany Chamber of Commerce Youth Leadership students spent the day on our campus on December 5. The cohort of 24 seniors from local high schools visited with me and got the chance to hear from Deron Fort, Jason Dorsette and the SLC team. They also got a tour of the Mill, which they found to be very impressive. We also collaborated with the Albany Chamber on the Youth Fair, which the college hosted on the Albany campus earlier this week. Close to 800 Linn county Juniors and Seniors came to participate in a long tradition of high school students spending a day learning about options for careers after high school. Students were interviewed by local volunteers and they got feedback on their resumes and presentations during the mock interviews. Nearly 50 vendors set up in the Commons offering information on jobs, and our Recruitment team shared the many options for starting off their education at LB. This partnership is also important since it gets the students on our campus where they can perhaps see LB for the first time. I enjoyed interviewing a high school student and learning about the process. Thanks to the Committee and Recruitment staff who made this event a huge success! 

Earlier this month, we held a Career Technical Education program open house to bring prospective students to campus for a tour of our facilities. Thank you to the organizers who put this together, and to faculty and staff who stayed late to talk with students and families. I know that some of those students are starting classes in a few weeks because you all helped connect them to programs and services. Well done, Roadrunners!

Last week was our monthly meeting for the Oregon Presidents Council and the Oregon Community College Association. Advocacy for the winter short legislative session was a key topic. That will include requests for enhancement of the Oregon Opportunity Grant and for support of corequisite education. OCCA will be searching for a new executive director in the coming year, and we’ll ask everyone to please circulate this posting to their professional networks when it’s available. 

This morning, the Democrat Herald published a great story on our Women's Volleyball team's  perfect season of 36-0! I am proud our local media recognize how community college sports create future leaders and give Coach Jayme Frazier the recognition for her work with the team. Go Beaks! 

Holiday Events

There have been many holiday and fundraising events in the past few weeks. Last weekend, Allison and I attended the YMCA Gala, and got a chance to visit with many community leaders. We also enjoyed the Albany Chamber’s Wine, Women and Chocolate event at the Comfort Suites where LBCC Board Vice Chair Stacie Wyss-Schoenborn was the featured speaker. At the office, I was glad to attend the Business, Education and Liberal Arts Division Winter Warmer; in addition to the soup and conversation, I loved having a chance to play some ping pong with faculty. It turns out that my skills had gotten a little rusty, so I’ll start practicing now for next year! Another holiday highlight was seeing the LBCC Chamber Choir performing with the OSU Choirs and Orchestra last week. I’ll take that festive spirit with me into this foggy Friday. 

It has been heartwarming to witness the generous campus spirit in action this month. The Salvation Army tree in the administration office suite has been surrounded with piles and piles of gifts for local families in need. To all who adopted families and fulfilled their wishes, THANK YOU. 

At home, we are busy writing cards to friends and family across the country (and a few international ones too) and trying to mail them to arrive in time for the holiday. Ella had a lovely choir concert this week at the Albany Performing Arts Center, and Emily finishes her final exams today. We’ve got some upcoming upcoming travel plans and are hoping for some cozy time at home too. 

I hope that you and all of your families have a wonderful winter break together. 



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The President's Corner

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The "President's Corner" is Dr. Avery's monthly e-newsletter column which aims to communicate exciting news and updates to the greater LBCC community. Anyone who subscribes to the LBCC e-newsletter can be sure to read Dr. Avery's column straight from their email inbox.

Latest President's Corner (January 2024)

The President's Corner

January 2024

Dear community,

I hope you all had the opportunity to celebrate with family and friends over the holidays. Before we took a brief break for the holidays, local media highlighted LB women's volleyball perfect season. The recognition and work by Coach Jayme Frazier and her team again shows us our athletics program uses sports as a development tool for our student athletes.  Last week, there was a Banner ceremony between two basketball games, this is a moment of pride for us at LB!

Being a part of an athletic team while at LB allows our students to use their competitive environment to learn teamwork, discipline and communication skills, all of which they will use way past their time as Roadrunner athletes, no matter what their future plans hold. All of our Roadrunner teams consistently average a GPA above 3.0. While sports may bring some of our students to us, the inclusive environment with smaller classes and attentive faculty gear them up for success beyond their time at LB.

We are currently in the middle of the basketball season with both teams hoping to repeat last year’s trip to the NWAC Championship Tournament, something that had not happened in more than 20 years. Baseball season kicks off February 17 and the Roadrunners are looking to capture their seventh consecutive NWAC South Region title.

LB offers opportunities for our students to partake in competitive athletics and play for top-notch teams. I invite you to come and watch a game this winter and spring; upcoming games can be found on our LBCC Athletics website. Thank you for being a part of our community of supporters. Go Roadrunners!