Why Choose LBCC + Oregon State University | LBCC

photo of a group of students

College isn’t free, but it can be affordable with the Degree Partnership Program.

For students who want a college degree without the college debt, there is Degree Partnership: a dual-enrollment program between OSU and LBCC that allows students to earn an OSU degree, but with significant savings.

  • 1,000+ students a term are dual-enrolled between OSU and LBCC.

  • Easy, free transportation between campuses.

  • Use Oregon Promise for classes at LBCC.



Dual-enrollment has something for everyone.


photo of students in lab coatsAffordable

Students save thousands of dollars on tuition. Same OSU degree but with big savings.

photo of smiling students from aboveFlexible

Students can take advantage of classes, social opportunities, and academic resources at both schools.

photo of students in a greenhouseSmall Class Sizes

Average class size of 18:1 and masters-qualified instructors means students build an excellent academic foundation.



You can:

  • Live on campus at OSU and take classes at LBCC.

  • Use Oregon Promise funds for classes at LBCC.

  • Apply for scholarships at both schools.

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