To ensure that programs and services effectively support all students to successfully enter, persist, and complete their intended academic program.

LBCC will effectively engage students in a relationship that begins with making a decision to go to college and through the transition to work or a university after completion. Student progression represents a relationship between the student and the college that continuously builds commitment and clarifies purpose.

Guiding Principles

  • The college leadership is committed to student access, success, and completion.
  • The college will use an evidence based approach to policy, program, and service improvements that impact student progression.
  • Broad institutional engagement is encouraged and established to ensure all areas of the college support student progression.
  • Student progression is aligned with the college’s goal of equitable success.
  • Programs and services are designed to improve student progression and are scaled to impact all students who would benefit.

Student Progression Definition

Student progression is a pathway to, through, and from college that involves four distinct phases. Services and programs are designed to support students successfully moving through each experience in order to succeed in the next 

Prepare & Connect: Students are assisted with making an informed commitment to pursue a college education at LBCC with clear knowledge of requirements for success.

Enter & Engage: Students enter the college with a clear academic path and become engaged in meaningful ways with peers, advisors, and the college community. 

Perform & Persist: Students develop confidence and commitment in their ability to complete their academic and personal goals.

Transition & Thrive: Students successfully transition from LBCC to being a productive employee, university student, and/or community member.



DATE(S) OF REVISION(S): 05/18/88; 07/21/93; 07/17/96; 06/18/08; 10/15/14;10/17/18

DATE OF LAST REVIEW: 10/15/14; 10/17/18; 07/20/22