To ensure the safety and security of work areas and personal space; increase the accountability of employees, contractors, and other persons moving about the institution performing authorized duties; encourage employees to verify authority before allowing access to work areas and personal space; and provide the ability of students and the public to verify authority in the normal course of business and during emergencies.

Every employee shall obtain an LBCC photo identification (ID) card. To demonstrate support of campus safety efforts, employees are required to display the card in a readily visible place on their person at all times while working on any LBCC campus or extended location. If displaying the ID card creates a safety hazard due to exposure to machinery, moving parts on equipment, kitchen or lab equipment, or other verifiable safety hazards, the employee’s supervisor may waive the requirement to display the ID at all times. If not displayed due to safety exemptions, the ID must be carried with the employee at all times when on campus property or extended locations.

 The ID card may be used to access areas on campus; receive discounted or free admission to events; receive software discounts; borrow materials from the library; and for identification during and after business hours or in an emergency.

 The following employee groups are identified with a green stripe on the ID badge indicating authorization for access to most areas on campus and/or the requirement to be present on LBCC property during emergency situations to assist with response efforts:

  1. Facilities
  2. Information Services
  3. Printing and Mailing Services
  4. Management/Exempt
  5. Media Services
  6. Safety & Loss Prevention Services

Any employee from one of these groups lacking their ID card when entering campus shall secure a temporary badge, as authorized by their supervisor, from the Public Safety Office.

It is the supervisor’s responsibility to ensure appropriate identification is utilized. Employees who consistently do not or who refuse to wear their ID card may be subject to disciplinary action.

ID cards shall be obtained on the first day of employment. Employees will be asked to provide/update their emergency contact information to their supervisor as part of the ID issuance process.

A. ID cards for employees will be issued without an expiration dat
B. ID cards for volunteers will be issued for a maximum of one year.
C. ID cards for visitors will be issued for one day, or in the case of contractors, for the project duration.

If an employee’s ID card is lost or stolen, the employee shall report the missing card immediately to Campus Public Safety, and a replacement obtained. The college, at its expense, will replace one lost ID card per year. The cost of additional replacement cards will be the employee’s responsibility unless the replacement is necessitated by a legal name change, a change in the employee’s primary job, or damage to the card occurring in the course of work while performing job duties.

Upon separation from employment, employees are required to return their college ID. It is the responsibility of the supervisor to ensure the employee’s ID card is returned to Campus Public Safety for destruction.

 The LBCC ID card is the property of the college, administered through Campus Public Safety, and may be revoked at any time. The ID card may be used only by the individual to whom it was issued. Employees may not loan their ID card to anyone for any reason.

ID cards will be color-coded for ease of recognition. ID card colors/designs will be assigned according to the employee’s primary job. Employees who are simultaneously enrolled as students will be issued two ID cards. LBCC Public Safety Office will issue employee ID cards and Admissions will issue student ID cards.  At the Lebanon and Benton Centers, the building administration office will issue employee and student ID cards under the direction and authority of LBCC Public Safety and Admissions respectively.  

The front of the card will display the LBCC logo, the employee's photograph, first and last name, department, title, and card expiration date, if applicable. The back of the card will display the employee’s first and last name, ID number (bar code) and “If found, return to the Public Safety Office, Linn-Benton Community College, 6500 Pacific Blvd. SW, Albany, OR, 97321.” Any deviations from the standard card design must be approved by The College Advancement Office.

LBCC-issued ID cards will be required for contractors and vendors if any of the following are true and the individual will not be in the company of an LBCC employee at all times:

  1. they are permitted to access non-public areas;
  2. they are delivering or picking up any materials or equipment in non-public areas; or
  3. they are servicing equipment or performing a service in a non-public area.

 Contractors will return badges to LBCC Public Safety upon completion of their work on campus. Contractors refusing to display their ID card will be required to leave campus. If the ID card is lost, the cost of a replacement card will be the responsibility of the contractor.

DATE(S) OF REVISION(S): 09/02/08; 06/07/12; 1/5/17; 1/7/21