Title: Board/President Relationship


To define the respective duties of the Board and the college president, and the principles on which the Board-president relationship operates.


Since the most important to be maintained by the Board is the one it achieves with the president, the following principles have been accepted as guidelines in the development and execution of this relationship:

  1. A clear delineation of functions between the Board's policy making role and the president's administrative role shall be maintained. The Board will set the direction for the college. The Board delegates implementation of the college’s policies and operations to the president.
  2. The president is accountable to the full board. No individual Board member, officer or sub-committee has authority to direct the president. Information or assistance may be requested by individual Board members, but if such requests require a significant amount of staff time or funds, the president may request the direction of the full board.
  3. Tolerances of difference of opinion and willingness to resolve such differences objectively are respected.
  4. In all matters pertaining to college leadership, the presumptive first step is for the Board and the president to keep one another fully and timely informed.
  5. In matters pertaining to college leadership, The Board and the president shall endeavor to support one another and align their respective efforts.

Date of Adoption: 03/10/83
Dates of Revisions: 12/16/92; 12/18/13, 12/16/15; 1/015/20; 03/20/24
Dates of Last Review: 12/15/09; 12/18/13, 12/16/15; 1/15/20; 03/20/24