Tuition & Fees

Residency Requirements

Pay in-state resident tuition if:

  • You will have lived in Oregon for at least 90 continuous days immediately before the term and can demonstrate your intent to become a permanent resident (see complete residency policy AR 7075-05);
  • You are a permanent resident of California, Idaho, Washington, or Nevada; or
  • You are an immigrant from another country.

For more information and a list of accepted proof of residency documents, contact LBCC’s director of enrollment at 541-917-4811.

Pay out-of-state tuition if:

  • Your permanent residence is outside of the states of Oregon, California, Idaho, Nevada, or Washington.

Pay international tuition if:

  • You are a citizen of another country and require an I-20 to attend college or other non-immigrant status.
    (International students do not become classified as Oregon residents, regardless of the length of their stay.)


LBCC Residency Status Request form