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Roadrunner Advantage Program 2022

Apply by November 30, 2021, to receive an exclusive EARLY REGISTRATION date to enroll in your fall 2022 classes.

With hundreds of students planning to enter LB next fall, this means you get the Roadrunner Advantage of being able to get into the classes you need, so you can fast-track your success. Applicants that meet all program deadlines receive an Advantage early registration date and will enroll in their fall 2022 classes before most new students.

Applications are closed

Here’s how it works:

bullhorn iconApply  to Linn-Benton Community College by November 30, 2021!
Have credit from high school? You still need to fill out the New Student Application form. We are here to help!

bullhorn iconNot sure of your exact path? That’s ok! At LBCC you don’t need all of the answers up front – you just have to commit to going to college. Begin with your area of interest and get into the right classes that will apply toward whatever degree you choose. We offer “meta-majors” – seven areas of study that get you started in the right direction. An advisor will walk you through your options. 

bullhorn iconOnce you apply, you will receive an early registration date. Once we receive your application, we will be in touch with you about your exclusive date to sign up for classes. We will also connect with you to help you schedule your placement tests, and work with you to plan your first year at college. 

Need Help to Get Started?: Virginia Mallory 541-917-4208