Incoming International Students

Scholarships & Costs

As you prepare for your studies in the U.S., we understand the importance of planning for your finances.

Estimated Cost of Attendance

It is estimated that international students will pay the following amount during the 2023-24 academic year. Students must show proof of funding to support the full amount below in order to be issued a new initial or transfer pending I-20 from the institution.

  • Tuition and Fees = $14,574 (three terms at 12 credits each)
  • Living Expenses = $9,904 (double-occupancy at nine months)
  • Health Insurance and Books = $1,929 (Books $500, Insurance $1,429/year) 
  • Total = $26,407

Note: Students with dependents will be required to show an additional amount of $4,500 for a spouse and $4,500 for each child.


LBCC offers scholarships to new and continuing international students each year.

  • The International Merit scholarship is a competitive scholarship awarded to new international students attending LBCC for the first time and for students who apply after their first three quarters of enrollment at LBCC with a cumulative GPA of 3.0 or higher (international students are F-1 visa holders with their I-20 issued by LBCC). This scholarship covers three credits per term of international student tuition for three terms. Students eligible for the Global Explorer scholarship may also apply for this scholarship. About 10 scholarships are awarded each year. Apply here!
  • The Global Explorer scholarship is automatically awarded to students who are citizens of countries on our annual list of countries that we would like to build representation from at LBCC. Students from these countries will receive one credit of international tuition each of their first three terms at LBCC with no application needed. Students transferring to LBCC from a U.S. high school or college must be in good academic standing to receive this scholarship. Our 2023-24 Global Explorer countries are: Brazil, China, Hong Kong, India, Indonesia, Japan, Mexico, Taiwan, Vietnam, Zimbabwe.
  • The Global Ambassador scholarship is a competitive scholarship awarded to about four students per year. It is open for application in the Spring to current international students (F-1 visa holders with their I-20 issued by LBCC). This scholarship awards students with 6 credits of international tuition per term for the year and requires specific service to international programs, such as supporting new international students, helping with new international student recruitment, event planning, and social media for international programs. Students may not receive a Global Ambassador scholarship and an International Merit scholarship at the same time. Apply here!
  • LBCC also offers general scholarships that may be open to international students. Check them out here!

Tuition & Student Fees

  • Tuition tables show the cost per credit you must pay for tuition and fees.
  • As international students on F1 visas, you are required to be enrolled in 12 credits per term.
  • Tuition and fees are due the second Monday of every term.


International Health Insurance Fees

Registration holds prohibit students from registering until after the fee is paid.

Financial Guarantees for Sponsored Students

  • Sponsored students must always have a valid financial guarantee on file with the International Programs Office.
  • If required, students must obtain transcripts and enrollment letters for their sponsors.
  • If students submit the financial guarantees after tuition is due, the students must pay the late fees on their accounts.