Financial Aid

Priority Deadline Dates

What is a Priority Deadline? In order for your financial aid award to be processed and reviewed by our office, you will need to have all of your required documentation in by the posted Priority Deadline for the terms listed below. (This means you will need to be at Step 4 on How to Apply by that date.)

If you miss the Priority Deadline, we will still process your file, but you will be responsible to cover your own expenses (living and educational) until we are able to do so.

The following dates do not apply to professional judgment requests. You need to submit this request while you are still enrolled. The office will need adequate processing time to process your request so we encourage you to submit your professional judgment request as soon as you know you will need one.

See tuition payment due dates.

Financial Aid Priority Deadline Dates


  • Summer Term 2024: Due to changes from the Department of Education, we are unable to offer a priority deadline for the summer. We will process completed documents in date order when we are able to do so.
  • Fall Term 2024: FAFSA and completed documents must be turned in by August 12, 2024.
  • Winter Term 2025: FAFSA and completed documents must be turned in by November 18, 2024.
  • Spring Term 2025: FAFSA and completed documents must be turned in by February 17, 2025.

2024-25 FAFSA
Available January 1, 2024 - June 30, 2025.
Federal Student Aid Website
LBCC's school code (006938)


  • Summer Term 2023: FAFSA and completed documents must be returned by May 15, 2023.
  • Fall Term 2023: FAFSA and completed documents must be turned in by August 14, 2023.
  • Winter Term 2024: FAFSA and completed documents must be turned in by November 20, 2023.
  • Spring Term 2024: FAFSA and completed documents must be turned in by February 19, 2024.

2023-24 FAFSA
Available October 1, 2022 - June 30, 2024.
Federal Student Aid Website
LBCC's school code (006938)

Financial Aid Disbursement Calendar

2023-24 Academic Year Summer 2023 Fall 2023 Winter 2024 Spring 2024
Campus Store Charges  available June 17 – July 3 September 2 – October 2 December 9 – January 16 March 23 – April 8
Classes Start June 26 September 25 January 8 April 1
Last day to add/drop courses and Financial Aid Census Date July 3 October 2 January 16 April 8
Financial Aid Disbursement July 5 October 3 January 17 April 9
30-Day Delay Disbursement July 26 October 25 February 7 May 1
2nd Disbursement Date July 31 November 1 February 14 May 8

2024-25 Academic Year Summer 2024 Fall 2024 Winter 2025 Spring 2025
Campus Store Charges  available June 17– July 1 Aug 31  – October 7 December 14– January 13 March 22 – April 7
Classes Start June 24 September 30 January 6 March 31
Last day to add/drop courses and Financial Aid Census Date July 1 October 7 January 13 April 7
Financial Aid Disbursement July 2 October 8 January 14 April 8
30-Day Delay Disbursement July 25 October 31 February 6 May 1 
2nd Disbursement Date July 29 November 7 February 13 May 7
Please Note: If you have outstanding or missing documents for financial aid, your disbursement of aid may be delayed.

Campus Store Charges available: 

If your financial aid (Title IV funding) exceeds your student account balance, you may be eligible to use your aid to pay for books or supplies during this time. To be eligible you must complete all financial aid steps. For example: 

  • Documents submitted
  • If accepting loans, acceptance must be completed in Webrunner
  • Entrance counseling and Master Promissory Note complete for Direct Loans
  • Log into Webrunner for a complete list of individual financial aid requirements

You must also register for the number of credits required for your funding (i.e., a minimum of half-time enrollment is required for Direct Loans). Credit balance amounts will vary by student and depend on your aid eligibility. 

If you meet these requirements, you may purchase books or supplies through the Campus Store during this time.

Classes Start:

This is the start date for classes each term.

Last day to add/drop courses and Financial Aid Census Date:

This is the last day to add a class for financial aid or drop classes and still receive a tuition refund for 11-week courses. Short-term classes must be dropped earlier and dates vary. 

The Census Date is the point at which enrollment is locked for financial aid purposes. Each term, the census is taken at the end of the last day a student can drop classes for a full refund.  Our Census Date is Monday of the second week of each term, unless Monday is a holiday and the Census Date will move to Tuesday of the 2nd week of the term. Financial aid is based on the degree-eligible credits you are registered for on the Census Date by the end of the day at midnight.

Financial Aid Disbursement:

Students who are eligible for financial aid will have their aid disbursed on this date. This process will continue weekly thereafter for the remainder of the term. Federal regulations allow three business days to complete this process. Financial aid refunds are created by the Business Office and have up to 14 days to issue the refund once a credit has occurred on the student's account.  

If ALL of your classes begin in the second 5-week session of the term, financial aid disbursement will be after those classes have begun and instructors have verified attendance; disbursement dates may vary. If you do not begin attendance in a second 5-week course, your aid may need to be revised and you could owe money back to the College.

30-Day Delay Disbursement:

Students who have never had a federal student loan before, or do not currently have a federal loan balance, will have a delay on their first loan disbursement. Loans will be disbursed 30 days after the start of the first term in school.

2nd Disbursement Date:

If you have a one-term-only loan, the 2nd disbursement will be disbursed on this date. For one-term-only loans, the funds are divided in half and released in two disbursements; the second disbursement will be on or after the midpoint of the term. This also applies to one-term-only PLUS loans.