Cooperative Work Experience


Regular CWE Student Forms

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CWE Agreement  Form - Required for Registration
Syllabus / Requirements with Timelines and Submission Instructions
   * CWE Seminar Syllabus
Learning Outcomes
   Learning Outcomes (Heavy Diesel ONLY)
   Learning  Outcomes (Water/Waste Water ONLY)
Weekly Timesheet
Preflection Questions
Student Self Evaluation Work Related Skills
Student Evaluation of CWE Site
Employer/Supervisor Evaluation
Responsibilities (Students & Employers)

* Certain programs require that students enroll in a (1) one credit CWE Seminar during their first term of CWE. The CWE Seminar curriculum includes assignments on job search and job success. 


Special Program CWE Students ONLY

Syllabus (Continuing Students)
Reflective Papers (template)
Learning Outcomes
Soft Skills Worksheet
Student Self Evaluation Work Related Skills
Self Evaluation of CWE Site
End-of-Term Evaluation Questions