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Finding Info about Course Materials



Types of Online Course Materials

Open Educational Resources (OER)

  • OER are free textbooks and other materials that both you and your instructors can customize, share anywhere, and keep forever.
  • Sometimes you can purchase a low-cost print copy of an OER at the Campus Store. You can also print OER out yourself.
  • MyOpenMath is a free/open math platform with your e-textbook and online homework. If your instructor uses MyOpenMath, they will give you a code to join the class. You can get help with MyOpenMath from your instructor or at the Math Desk in the Learning Center.
  • In some courses, you may have to purchase a lab manual or homework access code in addition to the OER.

Learn more about OER

Direct Digital Access (DDA)

  • DDA means that you will be automatically billed for your course materials (usually an online text and homework platform) unless you opt out or drop the class by the add/drop deadline.
  • If you opt out, you may not be able to get to the online homework that comes with the DDA package. Talk your instructor before opting out.
  • DDA materials are digital and will usually be in your course’s Moodle page. Sometimes you can purchase a print copy for a low price (but only if you stay enrolled in DDA).


  • If your math course requires ALEKS you can purchase a code for the term or the year in the Campus Store.
  • Get help with ALEKS at the Math Cafe or Math Desk in the Learning Center.


  • Many courses at LBCC have readings, assignments, and other content in the Moodle platform.
  • If you have any trouble accessing Moodle, contact your instructor or the Student Help Desk in the Library (541-917-4630).

Access Codes and Other Platforms

  • Some instructors use other platforms (like Pearson’s MyMathLab, McGraw-Hill, Google Classroom, Canvas, or Cengage Unlimited). Some are free, and some require you to purchase an access code (usually available from the Campus Store).
  • Contact your instructor or the company directly for help with these platforms. The Student Help Desk and Learning Center staff will try to help you with any problems, but they don’t have administrator access or training on these platforms



Need Help Accessing Your Course Materials?

If you don’t have a print copy of your textbook, or simply don’t have it on campus when you need it, check at the Circulation Desk in the Library to see if it’s on reserve! You can check reserve books out for free for 2 hours or 3 days, depending on availability. The Library also has free 1 or 3 day laptop checkouts.

The Center for Accessibility Resources (CFAR) has a free textbook lending library. When available, you can check out a book for the entire term. Visit CFAR in Red Cedar Hall, Room 105, or email cfar@linnbenton.edu, to check on the availability of a text.

A tip from your student leaders: try buying and selling used textbooks on the social media appLBLive.

Feedback? If you're a student who has ideas about how to make course materials more accessible or affordable, if you have questions, or if you want to get involved with textbook affordability efforts please contact the chair of the Textbook Affordability Steering Committee, Michaela Willi Hooper.