Registration & Schedule

VIP Registration

VIP Registration (VIPR) is an opportunity for current students to register ahead of the rush, regardless of credits earned (or spring tuition still owed). 

  • When: Wednesday, May 19th (7:00 am- 11:59 pm)
  • What:  The first chance to register for fall classes
  • Who: For current, continuing LBCC students
  • Where: Webrunner (My LB)
  • Why: Register now, relax this summer!

Check out the Registration Toolkit for tips to a successful registration. 

IMPORTANT: if you still owe spring term tuition, you will be able to register for fall classes on VIP Registration day but you will be dropped from your summer and fall classes if your spring tuition isn’t paid by the final deadline. See payment deadlines here. 

Ready, Set, Register: VIPR Activities

Let us help you check important items off your to do list like seeing your advisor, getting your financial aid in order, checking your degree progress, and planning the perfect schedule. 

These activities are open to all current, continuing students.

VIP registration F.A.Q.s

Where do I register on VIP Registration Day?

On WebRunner, just like your regular registration! If you’re unsure about how to register on WebRunner, you can get help from the First Resort (student support center).

Do I have to see an advisor to register on VIP Registration Day?

It is not required but it is highly recommended. You can find your assigned advisor’s name in WebRunner under the “Degree and Advisor Information” section. Contact the Advising Center with questions.

What if I need help registering?

First, check out our Registration Toolkit. Or, if you’d like human help, contact the First Resort (student support center).

Can I register on VIP Registration Day if I still owe money from a previous term?

If you still owe spring tuition, yes.
If you owe tuition from a previous term, no.

Financial holds (also called “payment holds”) are from unpaid, past-due bills. If you have unpaid tuition or fees from winter term or previous, you will have a hold that will prevent you from registering on VIP Registration Day.

If you have unpaid tuition from spring, you will be able to register until week 9 of spring term. Remember that you will eventually be dropped from your fall courses if the bill remains unpaid. View payment deadlines here. You can check for holds in WebRunner under “Student Accounts” > “View Holds.”

I am a high school student who takes classes on the LBCC campuses. Can I participate?

You may be eligible to participate but must meet with your LBCC advisor first. Contact Brenda Yahraes for more information.

What if I want to register for a “Signature Only” class?

You will still need to get your instructor's signature for this. Email the instructor in advance of VIP Registration day and request a “Registration Override”. If granted, this will give you permission to register for the class.

What if I want to register for a class with a waitlist?

For courses with waitlists, VIP Registration is no different than any other. If you get on the waitlist and an enrolled student drops, you will receive an email notification to enroll on WebRunner within 48 hours. You must act quickly if you want the spot! Here’s the full waitlist process.

Tip: If you are still on the waitlist by the first day of class, attend the class in case an enrolled student drops or does not attend. Check your email frequently!

What if I register on VIP Registration Day but change my mind about my schedule or courses?

Priority Registration for continuing, degree-seeking students begins the day following VIP Registration. Depending on how many credits you have, you may need to wait for your priority registration timeslot (see academic calendar) to make any changes.

What if I want to register for ALP?

If you would like to register for ALP (special paired sections of WR 115 & WR 121 totaling 6 Writing credits), it is best to get this process started before VIP Registration so that you can build your schedule around it.

The decision to take ALP is a decision that should be made with your current writing instructor.

Check out an informational video and fill out the ALP interest form.

What if I’m a veteran?

Identified veterans may register one day ahead of VIP Registration Day! Check your LBCC email for details on how to register early. If you did not disclose your veteran status on your LBCC application and you have not received information about veteran’s priority registration, contact the Admissions office.

What is a Registration Hold?

A Registration Hold stops you from adding or dropping classes.  A student can get a registration hold for a variety of reasons. ONLY financial holds are lifted for VIP Registration.

Not sure if you have a registration hold? Log into your Webrunner account using your Single Sign-On password. Find your hold information: Student > Student Accounts > View Holds

  • “Financial holds” are placed if you owe money after the tuition deadline (also called a “past-due balance”). If you have a financial hold because of a past-due balance, you can register during VIP Registration. You will need to pay off the balance before classes start (see “Registering with a Hold” above).
  • “Academic holds” are not lifted for VIP Registration. If you have an academic hold due to academic performance, contact your advisor to discuss academic planning options and the possibility of resolving the hold.
  • “Insurance holds” are not lifted for VIP Registration. If you have a question about an insurance hold, please contact the International Programs Office.

All other hold types are not lifted for VIP Registration. Please call the phone number listed next to the hold in your Webrunner account for more information.

I'm experiencing financial hardship. What are my options?

Many students end up with a Registration Hold due to financial hardship. If you are experiencing financial distress, contact the Roadrunner Resource Center for information about basic needs and student emergency grants.

If you have a financial hold because of an issue with your Federal Financial Aid (via the FAFSA) or veteran’s benefits, please contact the Financial Aid Office. Also, check your WebRunner account for outstanding financial aid documentation that may be stalling your award.

How do I pay a bill on my Student Account?

You can pay your bill (account balance) via one of the following methods:

  • Online in your WebRunner “Student Accounts” tab.
  • Over the phone at (541) 917-4312.
  • By mailing us at:
    LBCC Business Office
    6500 SW Pacific Blvd.
    Albany, OR 97321
I have other questions about my Student Account

For Student Accounts questions, you can reach the Business Office: