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Registration Toolkit

When to Register

Continuing degree-seeking students: You are eligible to register in WebRunner during any Priority Registration period (and VIP Registration for fall). Your registration time slot depends on your number of credits completed at LB. See the Academic Calendar for registration dates and times.

New degree-seeking students: New to LBCC? Read information for new students (note: students applying directly to a special admissions healthcare program will have a different process).

Non-degree-seeking students: After applying, you can register during any Open Registration period. See the Academic Calendar for registration dates. All of the information in the Registration Toolkit may not apply to you.

How to Register

Option 1: Find the perfect schedule using the Student Scheduler tool

Student Scheduler allows you to design your schedule based on your other time commitments, course needs, and preferred delivery modes. Then, on registration day, simply go to WebRunner and click register! Here’s a video demo of Student Scheduler in action.

Option 2: Register directly in WebRunner

The new WebRunner registration tool allows you to browse, add, and remove courses from your schedule. You can do this by searching courses (example: HD 120) or by entering specific course CRNs. Here’s a video demo of the updated WebRunner registration tool.

Prepare to Register

View the Schedule of Classes 

The course schedule is typically ready to view about 3 weeks before priority registration. See what’s new by checking out the Schedule of Classes

Understand Delivery Modes (or “How your classes will meet”)

Delivery modes tell you how, where, and when you are expected to participate in your classes. There are five delivery modes: Face-to-face (F2F), flexible, hybrid, virtual, and online.

Get advising support

Our Advising Center has drop-in appointments available for all students. These are not meant to replace an appointment with your assigned advisor, but they are a great resource for when you have questions or issues, or when you need to make changes. Contact the Advising Center today.

Wondering if that class applies to your degree? Check on DegreeWorks.

DegreeWorks is an education planning tool. With your advisor, you can check on your degree progress and create a unique education plan. Students can access their DegreeWorks independently anytime. Read more information about how to use DegreeWorks. Please note that without consulting with an advisor, there is no guarantee that the information is correct. DegreeWorks should be used in tandem with regular advising appointments.

Registration Troubleshooting

Instructor Signatures

Some courses require an instructor signature. You can see which courses need an instructor signature by clicking the title of the course in the Schedule of Classes or WebRunner Registration. Learn how to request an instructor signature

Prerequisite Override Form for dual-enrolled students

If you want to register for a class at LBCC but you are taking the prerequisite for it at a DPP Partner School, fill out the Prerequisite Override form prior to registration day. Because you aren’t taking the class at LBCC and we don’t yet have your transcripts for this term, you must let us know that you’re taking the prerequisite elsewhere.

Registration Holds

Registration holds freeze all registration activity (adding, dropping, and withdrawing). The most common registration hold happens when students owe past-due tuition. Check your account in advance of registration day to make sure you don’t have a hold. New students will also receive a hold on their account preventing registration until after they meet with their enrollment expert during their New Student Registration Appointment. Read more about holds here.


If you register for a waitlist spot in a class, you must check your student email every day or you may inadvertently give up a spot that becomes available! View our waitlist guide here. Reach out to the First Resort or Admissions & Registration with questions.

Registration errors for duplicate courses or time conflicts

WebRunner will not allow you to register for two sections of the same course (example: two WR 121s). It will also not allow you to register for two courses that have a time conflict. If you are trying to switch out of one course and into another course, you can use the “conditional add/drop” check box in the new WebRunner registration screen. This will allow you to swap out the courses. If you are intentionally trying to register for two courses that have a time conflict, you will need to request an instructor signature before registering for the conflicting course. 

Dropping or Withdrawing from a Course

You may drop courses freely until the add/drop deadline. For typical courses in a 10-week term, the add/drop deadline is 11:59 pm on Monday of week 2. Your tuition will be assessed and Financial Aid will be dispersed (if applicable) on Tuesday of week 2. Tuition is due on Friday of Week 2. Any course that you are enrolled in after the add/drop deadline will appear on your transcript and your bill, so it is important to drop classes you don't intend to take. If you drop a class after the add/drop deadline, it will be considered a withdrawal. For more information about withdrawing from a course, view the withdrawal guide here.

Registering for Math 105z, MTH 111z, and WR 121z
These courses all have a required corequisite support course. MTH 105z must be taken with MTH 105q, MTH 111z must be taken with MTH 111q, and WR 121z must be taken with WR 121q (for exceptions, speak with your advisor ). You must register for the z course and its q corequisite at the same time. Having trouble? Check out these tips on registering for coreqs.

Registration Help

There are many options for registration help: