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Registration & Schedule

Fall 2020 Registration Toolkit

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(This information is most applicable to continuing LBCC Students. New to LBCC? Read information for new students).

Video: Your Guide to Fall 2020 Registration.
Here’s a quick video overview of what you need to know for fall registration. VIP vs. Priority Registration, the New Schedule of Classes, and an Introduction to Delivery Modes. It’s part of our Spring term Roadrunners on Track series. 

The NEW Fall Schedule of Classes 
The Fall course schedule has been finalized. See what’s new by checking out the NEW Schedule of Classes. Want a video overview of the new features? Watch our Schedule of Classes video.

Introducing “Delivery Modes”
Delivery Modes tell you how, where, and when you are expected to participate in your classes. There are four Delivery Modes: Face-to-Face (F2F), Hybrid, Virtual, and Online. Check out this infographic that explains the differences. 

“Campus” Selection
The majority of classes in the fall are being delivered remotely, but Face-to-Face and Hybrid classes will still take place on an LBCC campus. All Virtual and Online classes have a campus designation of “Remote.” You can filter your course searches in the Schedule of Classes and in Student Scheduler with a Campus option. 

Student Scheduler Tool
The Student Scheduler tool in WebRunner is a great way to find the schedule that is right for you. Once you find a schedule that meets your needs, you can put it in your shopping cart. On VIP Registration Day, you can simply go into WebRunner and click register! Here’s a video demo of Student Scheduler in action. Our friendly staff at the First Resort is always willing to help you navigate Student Scheduler. 

Does that class apply to your degree? Check on DegreeWorks.
DegreeWorks is an education planning tool. With your Advisor, you can check on your degree progress and create a unique Education Plan. Students can access their DegreeWorks independently anytime. More information about how to use DegreeWorks. Please note that without consulting with an Advisor, there is no guarantee that the information is correct. DegreeWorks should be used in tandem with regular Advising appointments. 

Advising Support
Our Advising Center has drop-in appointments available for all students. Drop-ins at the Advising Center are not meant to replace an appointment with your assigned Advisor, but they are a great resource for when you have questions, issues, or need to make changes. Contact the Advising Center today by Email, Phone, or Zoom. 

Registration Help
There are many options for Registration Help:

Instructor Signatures (also known as “Registration Overrides”)
Some courses require an instructor signature. For courses where you know you’ll need a signature, reach out to the instructors before registration day. Email the instructor with a clear subject line. Example: “Instructor Signature requested for CA8.368.” If an instructor is not yet assigned, you can email the dean of the department. If you need help contacting the Dean, reach out to the First Resort. 

Prerequisite Override Form for dual-enrolled students.
Question: “How do I register for a class at LBCC when I am doing the prerequisite for it at another college?” Answer: Fill out the Prerequisite Override form prior to registration day. Because you aren’t taking the class at LBCC and we don’t yet have your transcripts for this term yet, you need to let us know that you’re taking the prerequisite elsewhere.

If you register for a waitlist spot in a class, there are some things to know. Most importantly, you need to check your student email every day! View our Waitlist Procedures infographic here. Reach out to the First Resort or Admissions & Registration with questions.