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Different Ways to Use the Writing Center


Drop-in Zoom Room

Join us in our Writing Center Zoom Room for immediate support

Hours: 8 am-9 pm Monday-Thursday, 8 am-5 pm Friday, and 11 am-4 pm Saturday

Not sure how to join on your device?

How to join the Writing Center Drop-in Zoom Room using a computer

You can also join Zoom meetings using a smartphone. Here is a YouTube video we recommend with more information about how to download the Zoom app and join a meeting on your phone: How to Join Zoom Video Conference Using Your Phone

Although it is possible to join our Zoom meeting with only a landline, we recommend simply calling our phone number instead. Our phone number is (541) 917-4708. We can help you set up a phone conference appointment if you aren't able to use Zoom but would still like to meet with someone to get feedback on your writing.

While Oregon is operating under Stay-at-Home orders, all of our services will be available online through Zoom and the Online Writing Lab. Once we are back to normal, we plan to maintain Zoom appointments as an option in addition to our regular in-person sessions. 

About the Drop-in Zoom Room

Using the link on above, you can drop-in to the Writing Center through Zoom. This is a good option if you have a quick question, don’t want to wait to schedule an appointment, don’t see your preferred appointment time available, or just prefer to use drop-in.

When you first click the link to join our drop-in meeting, you will need to wait for us to let you in. When a window pops up, this isn’t a mistake, and it doesn’t necessarily mean that we are busy. It just means that we need to click a button that will allow you to join. If we don’t let you in right away, please be patient. Also, please know that we are excited to see you, and we look forward to working with you!

Our drop-in hours are 8 am-9 pm Monday-Thursday, 8 am-5 pm on Friday, and 11 am-4 pm on Saturday.

About the Online Writing Lab (OWL)

If you would prefer to submit your writing to us and receive written feedback rather than having a face-to-face conversation, you can submit your writing to us online and receive feedback within 48 business hours. You will need to submit your work through a Google Form and answer a few questions for us so we understand what you are working on. When we are done giving feedback, we will share your writing back to you as a Google Doc, so be sure to keep an eye on your student email for our response.

This is a nice option for anyone who feels a bit shy, doesn’t have the time to meet with us, doesn’t have the ability to use Zoom, or anyone who simply prefers written feedback instead of a conversation. You can also use a combination of our services for the same project; maybe it works better to have a brainstorming session with us through Zoom, but then later when you’re polishing a final draft, it might make more sense to use the OWL. Whatever your reasoning, you can receive the same quality and type of feedback through the OWL that you are able to receive through a conversation with us.

Please be aware that Writing Assistants may not receive your submission until Monday if you submit on the weekend. We do not limit the number of times you can submit papers to the OWL.

About Scheduling a 45-minute Zoom Appointment Through TutorTrac

If you want to plan ahead and protect your time, you can make a 45-minute Zoom appointment with a Writing Assistant through TutorTrac. To attend your appointment, log in to TutorTrac. You will see a link to your Zoom meeting under "Upcoming Appointments." Please note that this link does not appear until about 10 minutes before your appointment time. 

You are limited to 1 appointment per day and 3 per week. If you would like to meet with us more frequently, you can also use our drop-in service and the Online Writing Lab in addition to scheduled appointments.

About Our Other Resources

We also offer a collection of links, handouts, and resources for you to use as you learn more about writing. We have created some of these resources from scratch, while others are simply links to other websites that we think are exceptional. If there is a particular type of resource that you would like to see added to our website, please let us know and we can work on creating it for you.