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Meet Our Team



Writing Center Coordinator

Hey y’all! I’m Gabby Triana, and I’m the Writing Center Coordinator. I officially studied English Literature for both my BA and MA degrees, but I’m interested in everything from reading indie comics to studying how people think and talk about language. As a writer myself, I mainly write poetry and speculative fiction, though I would love to dabble more in visual writing projects (like comics!). In the Writing Center, I work from the belief that every person’s voice not only matters but is needed in the college and the larger world. I’m grateful to get to work with you and read your ideas!


photo of Gabby



Writing Assistant

Hi, I’m Gwendolyn Schwarz! I’m a Writing Assistant for the Writing Center, and simultaneously working on a Civil Engineering major here! I love getting to interact with other students, and am so excited to get the chance to work more with writing, since most of my classes by now are heavy with science and math. I love comics and visual art forms, and spend most of my free time curled up with one art project or another. I can never seem to go long without doodling something in the margins of my notebook. And I love writing, reading, and reading your writing!
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Instructional Assistant

Hey folks, my name is Josh Stickrod and I’ve been with the Writing Center since Fall 2019. I graduated from LBCC in 2019 with an AS in English as well as an AS in Journalism & Mass Communication. I’m currently studying at OSU pursuing a BA in English. During my time at LBCC, I worked at the college’s newspaper, The Commuter, where I wore a variety of different hats including reporter, copy editor, photographer, web editor, etc. In addition to journalism, I am also deeply passionate about literature and creative writing so I frequently read and write in my spare time. I also love to hike, play basketball, and play video games, among other things.

photo of josh

Karen Jean

Instructional Assistant

Hello, my name is Karen Jean Canan and I work at the LBCC Learning Center Info Desk and here at the Writing Center.

As a mature student (arguably! :-)), graduating from LBCC in 2019, I appreciate the role LBCC plays in the community as a hub of equity for all students to be able to learn skills we wouldn’t otherwise have access to.  I studied Horticulture, Journalism and Anthropology at LBCC.  At Western Oregon University, I studied Music and graduated in 2022.  I play the piano and sing.

photo of Karen Jean



Writing Assistant

Hello everyone! My name is Codi Wood. I am a student here at LBCC! I am studying for an Associate Degree in Biological Sciences with the hopes of transferring to OSU as a pre-med student. The goal is to get to med school at OHSU and become a neonatologist and epigeneticist. Although my schooling path looks very “sciency,” I adore language, writing, and words. I currently work at LBCC’s school magazine, The Commuter, as the Arts & Literature Editor. I love getting to debut students’ writing. In addition to spotlighting others’ writing, I also do a fair bit of it myself! I write poetry, prose, fiction, and screenplays. If we’re going to play favorites, poetry is my favorite word baby… but don’t tell the others. Writing has been such a massive part of my life for as long as I can remember; I still find little books that I wrote when I was 5, complete with drawings I might add. I’m excited to work with you at the Writing Center and be a cheerleader for you on your word journey. 

photo of Codi


Instructional Assistant

Howdy hey everyone. My name is Shane, and I am one of your friendly neighborhood writing assistants. I have been helping students with writing here at LBCC since the year two thousand and sixteen. I have studied English and writing the last four years of my college career, and have dabbled in many majors such as visual and theater arts and computer science. In 2018 I was LBCC’s student poet laureate. I enjoy working on all kinds of papers be it an essay, analysis, or creative. If you are looking for someone to go over your paper, brainstorm with, or just need help getting started on an assignment, I am available for drop in and appointment support. 

photo of shane