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Student Technology Recommendations

While LBCC is offering classes in face-to-face and hybrid formats this fall, we recognize that these classes may need to be moved to a fully remote format at times during the term, depending on public health directives. Thus, all students need to have adequate equipment to be successful in any modality. In general, students need to have a device or devices that allow them to: 

  • Write a paper
  • Interact on Zoom / Hangouts
  • Watch a streaming video
  • Create videos
  • Create voice recordings
  • Download/upload a document or browser
  • Take a test

Standard Equipment Recommendation 

This equipment will allow students to successfully engage in most classes in either a virtual or face-to-face modality. Some departments have additional equipment needs.

  • Broadband internet 
  • A computer with 256g SSD, 8G of RAM, i5 6th gen processor (or equivalent functionality)
  • Device with a microphone and speaker
  • Device with a camera

Specific Products:

Either of these set ups would be a great choice for a student who had a few years of school in front of them.  Either configuration would handle Microsoft Office applications and most other software just fine.  

Standard Recommendation 1

Standard Recommendation 2

Minimum Equipment Requirement 

This equipment is the minimal necessary to be successful in a face-to-face class with basic web-browsing needs. It may not be as easy for a student to be successful in a remote environment with this level of equipment.

  • A wifi hotspot
  • A computer with: 128g SSD, 4G of RAM, i3 6th gen processor or equivalent functionality
  • Device with a microphone and speaker
  • Device with a camera

Specific Products:

Something like this would be on the low end, but would still work fine for most students.  The smaller hard drive would not allow saving a lot of large files or images, and the user would need to be more mindful of space.  It also has less RAM so it will not be as quick to switch between applications.

Minimum Requirement 1