Our Start of Term Workshops are over for Fall, but contact us for more information about tech needs, time management and organization, study strategies, and connecting with LBCC resources.

Get Ready for Fall Term at LBCC!  Join Start-of-Term Workshops (Free!)

During Week 0 and Week 1 of Fall term of 2020 (9/21-10/09), Academic Coaching will host workshops via Zoom to help you get ready for your classes and study in an online environment.

Start-of-Term Workshops are open to everyone, and are especially designed for those who are new to college or returning to college after a long break. These free, 45 minute workshops will cover: 

  1. How to get help borrowing/purchasing necessary tools like computers or headphones
  2. Options for stable Internet connections
  3. How to sign up for required and optional software to keep you connected
  4. How to get MS Office 365 for free with your student email account
  5. Where to get class materials
  6. How different types of classes will meet and how to attend
  7. LBCC resources and how to access them

See the Start-Of-Term Checklist for a more detailed menu.
We want you to feel fully prepared and confident for Fall term. Workshops will include a question and answer period and connect you with support staff. 

Please click here to register for a session - all the workshop dates and times will be listed in the registration form. All the sessions cover the same content. An invitation will be sent to your email with a Zoom link prior to your registered session.

Workshop Dates & Time:

9/21, 9/28
9/22, 9/29
9/23, 9/30
9/24, 10/1
9/25, 10/2
9am - 9:45am 10am - 10:45am 9am - 9:45am 9am - 9:45am 11am - 11:45am
 3pm - 3:45pm 2pm - 2:45pm  3pm - 3:45pm  2pm - 2:45pm  1pm - 1:45pm

Please contact us at lbcoach@linnbenton.edu with any questions you may have.
Hope to see you at the workshop! Have a wonderful term, RoadRunners!