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Kristen Jennings, Instructional Specialist
Academic Coaching
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Links to Study Skills at Other Institutions

  • Oregon State University's Academic Success Center
    Learning Corner (link opens new window)
    Resources and videos on time management, study tips, avoiding procrastination, and reducing stress
  • Louisiana State University's Center for Academic Success
    Virtual Learning Center (link opens new window)
    Videos and Information on study cycles, test-taking tips, reading strategies, etc.
  • University of North Carolina Chapel Hill Learning Center
    Tips and Tools (link opens new window)
    Guides and tips to study smarter, be more productive, read better, and ace your tests.

From OSU's Academic Success Center:



WR90/WR95 Grammar Topics

Practice with Run-ons, Fragments, and Commas 
Practice identifying and correcting run-ons, fragments, and comma errors. 

Practice with Parallel Structure and Capitalization 

  • Find parallel structure in words, phrases, and clauses  
  • practice finding and correcting mistakes in parallel structure.
  • Review rules of capitalization and practice recognizing capitalization errors. 

Proofread for Common Errors

  • Use the techniques like:
    •  reading aloud and reading backward line-by-line 
  • Practice identifying common errors in your own writing, including:
    • Missed words
    • Run-ons
    • Fragments
    • Comma errors
    • Capitalization errors. 
  • Work with you on Microsoft Office assignments from CS 120

Help With Online Learning, including: 

  • forum posts
  • due dates
  • how to upload assignments
  • finding materials on Moodle, etc
  • communicating with instructors

Understanding a Syllabus: How to get an A in your class

  • Identify essential information in a syllabus 
  • Connect course outcomes to the level of work required for class success

Resource Referral

  • Help you access other support in the Learning Center, the Library, Student Help Desk, Advising, Financial Aid, CFAR



Grammar Quick Clues

The following links are pdfs containing condensed information about: