Academic Coaching

Meet Our Staff


Kristen Jennings

Coordinator/Instructional Specialist

Welcome to Academic Coaching! I am the Instructional Specialist for this service area. I work with students, coordinate Academic Coaching, and create professional development & training for our staff. I hold a Master's in English from Sonoma State University and a TESOL certificate from CSU San Bernardino. I love to read, and I did my Master's thesis on Steampunk Literature and its connection to 19th Century speculative fiction (like Jules Verne and H.G. Wells). Before going into education, I was a web designer and coached professional writers for academic publication.


photo of kristen

Norah Wang

Instructional Assistant

I’m an instructional assistant at Academic Coaching, and I also teach CS120 Digital Literacy & CIS135 Advanced Spreadsheet. I love traveling and meeting people from different cultures, tasting all kinds of food. I love being able to help our students here at LBCC!


photo of Nora

Adam Lenz

Instructional Assistant

Hi! My name is Adam, and I am an academic coach as well as science tutor here at LBCC. Before I worked in our Learning Center, I was an instructor at Oregon State, a K-12 teacher, a park ranger at Yellowstone, and an animal behavior scientist (that's where I met Fred, the giraffe in my photo). This background means that I can offer several specialties to any appointment you may have with me, including: 1.) helping with your confidence and anxiety as a learner, 2.) reading and note-taking skills to help your retention of science content, and 3.) tutoring related to biology or other introductory science courses. Any session you have with me will always be held in a safe and supportive format that seeks to help your specific needs. I spend most of my free time hiking, reading, and playing nerdy fantasy games (D&D anyone?). I look forward to seeing you in our Learning Center!

Adam with a giraffe