Academic Coaching

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Getting Started...

The following guides are from Oregon State University's Academic Success Center: 


Test Preparation


Time Management and Organization

  • Time Management: Take Control of Your Time with a Study Schedule (pdf)
  • FallTerm 2021 Planner  (fillable pdf)
    Use this planner to map out your term. Enter the due dates for homework, discussion posts, and meetings, and plan longer assignments. This term planner shows all 10 weeks of  LBCC's Spring 2020 term. You can download the Chrome extension Kami if you would like to edit the pdf with colored text.
  • Study Schedule Template (Google Sheet)
    Block out times of the day for a week for fixed activities (work, classes, commute, meals, other obligations) and build in your study time. Consider that each credit you take may require 2 to 3 hours of study time per week. (12 credits = 24 to 36 hours of study time.) Please make a copy and save the sheet on your own Google drive to use it.
  • Weekly To-Do List (fillable pdf - from OSU)
    Prioritize weekly tasks with this handy graphic organizer.
  • Term At-A-Glance (fillable pdf from OSU)
    All examinations and due dates of major assignments, projects, and papers can be entered on the calendar to assist you in planning your course of study each week throughout the term.

Communicating with Others


 Reading Strategies