Academic Success Coaching

Frequently Asked Questions

What do we offer?

Academic Success Coaching offers tutoring and workshops in study skills to help you excel throughout your college experience.

What we may do in a session

We may work on one of these activities in a typical session:

  • Create a system to organize your materials for each of your classes so that you can find key material and notes. Make a study calendar to balance school, work, and life. 
  • Identify essential information in a syllabus and connect course outcomes to the level of work required for class success.
  • Develop study methods that work for you and learn new study strategies. Create a study plan help you feel prepared for tests in any subject area.
  • Learn methods for reading and taking notes from online materials. Learn to use notes effectively as part of your study process through summarizing, daily review, and reviewing your notes before class.
  • Get set up with Gmail, Moodle, and Zoom. Work on Microsoft Office assignments from CS 120
  • Help With Online Learning, including: 
    • forum posts
    • due dates
    • how to upload assignments
    • finding materials on Moodle, etc
    • communicating with instructors
Academic Success Coaching guidelines
  • All appointments are scheduled through our on-line appointment system, Watermark.
  • Appointments are scheduled at least twenty-four hours in advance. You may schedule up to two 40 minute sessions per week.
  • Coaching is a limited resource. For this reason, although you have up to two sessions per week, we ask that you only schedule one session per day. If you schedule more than one appointment with the same coach, we will automatically cancel one- most typically the later of the two, but depending on program needs, this is up to the discretion of the Academic Success Coaching Coordinator
  • Please keep track of your appointments. You are responsible for keeping the appointments you make.
  • If you cancel an appointment less than two hours ahead of time, or fail to show up, you will lose tutoring for two weeks. This happens after ONE no show appointment, or late cancellation. Your privileges will be restored two weeks from the date of your missed appointment. You can ask the Academic Success Coaching Coordinator for the date you will be able to make appointments again.
  • Please make every effort to limit your cancellations. Your tutor has made a commitment to be there for you, and the cancellation may occur too late to be filled by another student.
  • If you must cancel an appointment, do so at least two hours ahead of the appointment time, preferably twenty-four. Ways to cancel your appointment:
Extra credit program

Some instructors are offering the opportunity to earn extra credit through Academic Success Coaching. Check with your instructor or an Academic Success Coaching staff member to see if your instructor is a part of this program.

  • ONLY Academic Success Coaching appointments count for extra credit through this program. Other Learning Center services (Tutoring, Math Support) do not. 
  • An Academic Success Coaching appointment will focus on study skills and your academic goals, not the homework for the class. 
  • Academic Success Coaching offers one-on-one sessions through Zoom. 
  • Each session is 40 minutes in length. 
  • You can make an appointment through Watermark.


What are your responsibilities?

Your coach's expectations
  • You are here to discuss your academic goals.
  • Your coaching appointment is not meant to replace your coursework. Please contact your instructor directly if you have concerns about your understanding of course material and your standing in the class. 
  • Be prepared when you see your coach. Do your homework first.
  • Bring your textbook, notes, and calculator. Know what you want help with.
  • Don't expect answers. Your coach will help you understand concepts so you can get answers yourself. This is the most effective form of learning support.
  • Be patient with your coach and with yourself. Some problems are not easily solved.
Your coach will
  • Help you develop effective study skills.
  • Model problem-solving techniques, and then have you try them.
  • Offer encouragement as you learn to understand difficult concepts.
  • Model critical thinking strategies. They will help you learn how to utilize your text, notes, and additional resources so you are able to problem-solve and find the answers on your own.
Your coach won't
  • Continue the appointment if you have nothing to discuss. 
  • Take the place of your instructor.
  • Help you with take-home tests.
  • "Rescue" you if you miss classes.