International Programs

Resources for Students & Faculty

International Ambassadors

The International Ambassadors for Cultural and Academic Success are trained student leaders ready to provide support for international students at LBCC! The International Ambassadors are international students themselves, they have unique insights into how to be successful at LBCC. 

Meeting with an Ambassador

When you meet with an ambassador, simply share how you are doing! The ambassadors have experience studying in the states and can share ideas for how to get involved and engaged on campus and in your studies! They are working hard at organizing events to help you connect and be successful here at LBCC!

How Can I Meet with an Ambassador?

Ambassadors hold office hours throughout the week. You can also request an appointment at a different time by emailing

Can I Invite an Ambassador to Visit my Class?

International Student Ambassadors visit LBCC Classrooms upon request. The classroom visits are a service International Programs provides to give the opportunity for students to have structured engagement with students from another country and culture. All faculty members must submit learning outcomes for the visits which should inform the International Programs department about how the opportunity will be utilized. We suggest that faculty refer to the College Values and Goals prior to submitting a request.

We expect for learning and engagement to the be primary purpose of these visits and expect faculty to challenge situations and provide support to ambassadors when they are faced with microaggressions and negative interactions during the visits.

Please fill out the Google Form to schedule a visit!



Global Connections Club Hangouts

The Global Connections Club (GCC) started in 2014 as a way to get students together to share their cultures and have lunch!  That's right, the GCC provides a cultural lunch for all!  The "Hangouts" meet week 3 through 9 each term. 

At these weekly lunchtime "Hangouts",  students talk about their countries, places they have traveled, and the cultural experiences that make those places around the world so interesting and dynamic. They play games, have lunch and make new connections and friends!

The "Hangouts" are free and open to the public! Please join students and staff for a great cultural engagement opportunity! Watch for our weekly emails for reminders and location each week!

Locations: LBCC Room T119 and ELCI.  The ELCI is located on West Way near the tennis courts, across from the Greenhouse.  T-119 is located on the first floor of Takena Hall, next to the Library, where International Programs is located.




International Education Week
International Education Week is a celebration of international education and what global experiences bring to our lives.  We encourage you to get involved with international students here on campus! By getting more involved with these other cultures and people, you'll have a chance to grow and learn and share that learning with others.

International Culture Night
Come and enjoy the students sharing a variety of their talent and traditional fashion!  You will hear singing in other languages, dancing that will amaze you and experience Chinese yoyoing.  It's a Global Talent and Fashion Show with FREE admission and open to the public!

[Please note that these events have been postponed until 2021 due to the COVID-19 pandemic.]