Frequently Asked Questions

We are in the early stages of planning for 2022. Please watch this space for more details to come!

When is CARmencement?
CARmencement will be on Thursday, June 9. Graduates will sign up for a specific time slot , between 4:00 and 8:00 p.m on Thursday, June 9.

What is CARmencement?

This interactive, COVID-safe event will allow LBCC graduates to drive through campus in a vehicle, get cheered on and celebrated by faculty and staff, hear commencement speeches and music, stop at photo stations and more. Graduates will also be given an opportunity to safely exit the car, walk across the stage and receive a diploma.

Please note that only the graduate will be permitted to exit the vehicle to receive their diploma. Anyone else in the car will remain and continue to the pick-up point to retrieve their graduate. We've designed the route so that the driver and other occupants on the car should have a good view of the graduate receiving their diploma. In addition, a recap video will be available online after the event.

Family and friends of the graduate are welcome to come to campus to cheer on their graduate. While only one car per graduate will be allowed to drive through the event, campus will be open to visitors and there will be a viewing area near the stage so that family and friends can watch their graduate walk and receive their diploma. 

Grads are encouraged to decorate their vehicles and join in the festivities!

How do I sign up?

The Graduation Services Office has sent invitations to all students that have graduated this year or who have applied to graduate during Spring term.  They sent the invitation to the email address that students used when the applied to graduate.

I haven't gotten an invitation email what do I do?

Email the Graduation Services team at 

How will I get my cap and gown (regalia)?

Regalia is optional for this year's ceremony. If you choose to order, items will be shipped to LBCC to avoid extra shipping costs for students. A pick-up date will be arranged so you can get your cap and gown prior to CARmencement.  The deadline to order is April 25th.  If you order after that date, shipping will cost extra and it will be shipped to your home address.

You can order regalia by calling (360)254-7870. Leave a message and the company will call you back within 24 hours. 

You can also borrow gowns from LBCC by emailing .

If you have questions about regalia, contact Beth at

When should I order my cap and gown (regalia)?
Students will have the opportunity to order commencement regalia this year and details will be announced in the near future. However, regalia is not required in order to participate in CARmencement.

Can I borrow a cap and gown (regalia)?
Yes, please email 
What if I want to participate, but I don't have a car?
Student Life is working on an option for students without a vehicle. This plan will include the bus system and a unique campus experience. Click here to let them know you are interested.
Can my family come? How many people can I invite?

Yes! Family and friends are welcome to come to campus to celebrate their graduate. Graduates will be limited to one car and the number of people who safely fit inside (based on the number of seat belts). But the campus will open to visitors who want to cheer on their graduates. There will be a designated viewing area near the stage; family and friends will be able to park in a designated parking area on campus and go to the viewing area during their graduate's time window. More details about parking and locations will be posted in May.

***This event will be live-streamed so that those who do not fit inside the vehicle will have the opportunity to watch from home via the internet. 

Will I be able to take pictures?
You are welcome to take photos from the  vehicle if you are not driving! In addition, there will be photo stations along the route with photographers at each station.  Only the graduate will be allowed to exit the vehicle to receive their diploma. Friends and family members will not be allowed to exit in order to take pictures. There will be an opportunity to order photos after the event.
I want to attend but I won't finish until Summer or Fall term?
Any student who is within 15 credits of graduating with their degree and will finish in Summer or Fall term can submit a petition to participate.  Email 
How long will it take to drive the route?
The event is planned to take no more than an hour; however, due to unanticipated traffic it could take longer. 
When will I get my diploma?
Official diplomas will be mailed after the term ends and all grades are official. It typically takes 3-5 weeks for all diplomas to be distributed.