Destination Graduation Course

This one-credit, ten-week course is designed to help students be successful. Students learn strategies for college success, become familiar with campus resources, establish a relationship with their advisor and develop an education plan for their college career.

A class course book has been developed and needs to be purchased from the bookstore. While the class is only one credit hour, you’ll find it’s packed with valuable information.


What to Expect

Upon successful completion of Destination Graduation (DG), students will be able to:

  1. Identify your responsibilities, characteristics of successful students, and the barriers
  2. Apply introductory critical thinking skills.
  3. Navigate important electronic educational resources.
  4. Develop a specific Education Plan related to your career/educational goal.
  5. Locate and know how to access support services and educational resources.
  6. Establish relationships with peers, LBCC faculty, staff, and an advising relationship with a designated academic advisor.

Sign up for the Destination Graduation class at your college orientation, or through the Admissions office in Takena Hall.

“Destination Graduation provides a good orientation to LBCC. It helped set me up for the school year, and gave me a good handle on everything LBCC has to offer. Taking this class made the transition into college much easier and helped me feel more a part of LBCC.”  — Brandon, Social Sciences

“I found Destination Graduation to be very helpful because it gave me insight into college life and how to handle the challenges of coming to college. At first I wasn’t very excited about taking the class, but after being in class and the way the information was presented, I was glad I took it. I learned a lot about college resources, like the computer lab, and how to access the college web site to find the information I needed.”  — Dalia, AAOT & OSU Transfer student

In DG, students learn what to expect in college, study tips for math and other classes, time management, and how to use many of the resources and online tools at LBCC. At the end of class, each student is assigned an LBCC academic advisor, and will have their first advising appointment set up to register for the term.

Why does advising matter? Study after study shows that personalized academic advising is a key component in student success, engagement and completion. As noted in the 2010 report “After Admission: From College Access to College Success,” students in advising programs are significantly more confident about their ability to complete their degree.