Class of 2021

Congratulations to the Class of 2021 for your hard work and amazing achievements! You've persevered through a difficult final year and deserve all the best in your future endeavors.

Candidates for graduation are listed below alphabetically, by last name.   
*These are the candidates as of May 7, 2021. The final list of 2021 LBCC graduates will become official in early June.*

Abatiell, Onie V. - Auto Maintenance/Light Repair MLR
Abatiell, Onie V. - AAS, Automotive Technology
Abblitt, Brittany G. - AAS, Occupational Therapy Asst
Abbott, HeliAnna M. - Associate of Science
Acosta, Dezmeree A. - Associate of Science
Adams, Hudson G. - Welding & Fab Tech (Cert)
Adams, Taylor M. - AAS, Medical Assistant
Adams, Hudson G. - AAS, Welding & Fab Tech
Adelman, Gregory L. - Auto Maintenance/Light Repair MLR
Adelman, Gregory L. - AAS, Automotive Technology
Agoff, Nicholas E. - AAS, Culinary Arts
Agosto, Roger A. - AAS, Nursing
Agosto, Raymond - AAOT, Oregon Transfer
Aiken, Derek R. - AAS, Accounting Technology
Alarcon, Emiliano - AAOT, Oregon Transfer
Alemad, Fuad A. - Associate of Science
Alesmail, Yousif - Associate of Science
Alldredge, Megan L. - AAOT, Oregon Transfer
Allen, Emma - Surgical Technologist
Allen, Katelynn - AAOT, Oregon Transfer
Allred, Megan R. - Associate of General Studies
Alsharidah, Abdulaziz A. - Associate of General Studies
Altunel, Troy - Systems Administration
Altunel, Troy - AAS, Network & Systems Admin
Alzabidi, Marwan A. - Associate of General Studies
Amador, Alex - GED
Ames, Susan C. - AAOT, Oregon Transfer
Anderson, Kylie M. - AAS, Culinary Arts
Anderson, Luisa - AAS, Occupational Therapy Asst
Annus, Marja J. - AAOT, Oregon Transfer
Antonich, Frances N. - Coding Reimbursement Spec
Arenas, Erendida Y. - AAS, Practical Business Management
Armstrong, Kylie A. - Dental Assistant
Aronson, Lauryn R. - AAOT, Oregon Transfer
Arthur, Emily R. - AAS, Non-Destruct Test & Evaluation
Ashby, Kimberly J. - AAOT, Oregon Transfer
Ashley, Natalie F. - Associate of Science
Aslin, Zachery C. - Limited Elect Apprentice Tech
Assiri, Sabrina - AAOT, Oregon Transfer
Atchison, Melanie J. - AAS, Diagnostic Imaging
Averill, Pamela J. - Accounting Clerk
Averill, Pamela J. - AAS, Accounting Technology
Baker, Nathan D. - AAS, Mechatronics/Industrial Automation Tech
Baker, Katelyn M. - AAOT, Oregon Transfer
Baker, Daniel L. - Associate of Science
Baldwin, Zoe R. - AAS, Animal Technology Horse Management
Banks, Nikkisha S. - Associate of Science
Barawis, Tehya L. - AAOT, Oregon Transfer
Barham, Stephanie L. - AAS, Occupational Therapy Asst
Barten, Hanna M. - Coding Reimbursement Spec
Batacandolo, Denise - AAS, Nursing
Bauder, Shelby L. - AAOT, Oregon Transfer
Bauer, Vicki L. - Associate of General Studies
Baumgartner, Jim R. - AAOT, Oregon Transfer
Bauscher, Jessica - AAS, Animal Technology Horse Management
Baxter, Matthew J. - AAOT, Oregon Transfer
Beam, Sadie G. - AAOT, Oregon Transfer
Beatty, Shelby L. - Coding Reimbursement Spec
Beauregard, Jill K. - AAS, Occupational Therapy Asst
Beck, Michael D. - Associate of General Studies
Beeson, David Tyler - AAOT, Oregon Transfer
Bell, Caspian - Auto Maintenance/Light Repair MLR
Bell, Caspian - AAS, Automotive Technology
Bennette, Angela - Coding Reimbursement Spec
Berg, Debra J. - Associate of General Studies
Berger, Jessica M. - AAOT, Oregon Transfer
Berner, Shani A. - AAOT, Oregon Transfer
Bickley, Madelena A. - Associate of Science
Bielenberg, Breanna R. - Associate of General Studies
Bills, Mary - GED
Birken, Garrett R. - AAS, Non-Destruct Test & Evaluation
Bishop, Jonathan H. - AAS, Const & Forestry Equip Tech
Bivens, Chandlyr E. - Child & Family Studies (Cert)
Bivens, Chandlyr E. - Childhood Care & Education
Bivens, Chandlyr E. - AAS, Child & Family Studies
Black, Christian J. - Welding & Fab Tech (Cert)
Black, Christian J. - AAS, Welding & Fab Tech
Bladen-Grenz, Brianna N. - Associate of Science
Bobo, Sophia M. - Associate of Science
Boeder, Marandah R. - AAOT, Oregon Transfer
Boehland, Autumn E. - Associate of Science
Boldt, Rachel E. - Associate of Science
Bolton, Shyanne R. - AAOT, Oregon Transfer
Boren, Grayson T. - AAS, Occupational Therapy Asst
Boring, Emily - AAOT, Oregon Transfer
Borton, Pepper M. - AAOT, Oregon Transfer
Bosch, Michael A. - Associate of Science
Bosley, Forest H. - Associate of Science
Boss, Aliya I. - AAOT, Oregon Transfer
Botello, Jasmin N. - Associate of Science
Boughanmi, Amine - AAS, Accounting Technology
Bourque, Vanessa - AAS, Nursing
Bowen, Michael - GED
Bowman, Scotty C. - Sleep Technology
Bowman, Marissa A. - AAOT, Oregon Transfer
Breazile, River N. - AAOT, Oregon Transfer
Breeden, Todd A. - Associate of General Studies
Brennock, Jack M. - AAOT, Oregon Transfer
Breshears, Joshua T. - AAS, Mechatronics/Industrial Automation Tech
Briggs, Dylan E. - AAS, Non-Destruct Test & Evaluation
Bright, Laurel M. - Associate of Science
Brittain, Garrett W. - AAS, Diagnostic Imaging
Brock, Eric - GED
Brookshire, Robert E. - Welding & Fab Tech (Cert)
Brookshire, Robert E. - AAS, Welding & Fab Tech
Brubaker, Scout M. - Digital Image/Prepress Tech
Brubaker, Scout M. - AAS, Visual Communications
Brueggeman, Dallin J. - AAS, Mechatronics/Industrial Automation Tech
Bruner, Raika R. - AAOT, Oregon Transfer
Brunson, Richelle A. - AAOT, Oregon Transfer
Bry, Brenda C. - AAS, Mechatronics/Industrial Automation Tech
Buchanan, Dwayne L. - AAS, Comp Aided Design/Draft CADD Tch
Buchanan, Dwayne L. - AAS, Non-Destruct Test & Evaluation
Bucher, Hope A. - AAOT, Oregon Transfer
Buck, Alexander J. - Systems Administration
Buck, Alexander J. - AAS, Network &Systems Admin
Buckridge, Jamey L. - AAOT, Oregon Transfer
Buker, Rachael C. - AAOT, Oregon Transfer
Burgess, Danielle P. - AAS, Occupational Therapy Asst
Burgess, Braden A. - Associate of Science
Burnett, William K. - Industrial & Building Mechanic
Burnett, William K. - AAS, Mechatronics/Industrial Automation Tech
Burns, Loyal R. - Associate of Science
Burright, Victor R. - AAOT, Oregon Transfer
Burt, Bailie J. - Dental Assistant
Burt, Bailie J. - Associate of General Studies
Bush, Amanda M. - AAS, Diagnostic Imaging
Buttram, Bryan E. - Welding & Fab Tech (Cert)
Buttram, Bryan E. - AAS, Welding & Fab Tech
Byrd, Olivia L. - AAOT, Oregon Transfer
Cade, Janessa - GED
Calderon, Marisela A. - AAOT, Oregon Transfer
Calhoun, Brandon C. - Associate of Science
Campbell, Jeramiah - GED
Campbell, Laura L. - Accounting Clerk
Campbell, Whitney R. - Coding Reimbursement Spec
Campbell, Whitney R. - AAOT, Oregon Transfer
Campbell, Jonathan C. - Associate of General Studies
Campola, Jessica - AAOT, Oregon Transfer
Cannon, Tiffany N. - Coding Reimbursement Spec
Cantu, Preciosa E. - AAS, Practical Business Management
Cao, Kai - Associate of Science
Capozzi, Kelly S. - Associate of Science
Capozzi, Kelly S. - Associate of Science
Cardenas, Rodolfo Perez - AAOT, Oregon Transfer
Carlile, Jennica B. - AAOT, Oregon Transfer
Carlson, Elisabeth E. - AAS, Nursing
Carlson, Benjamin E. - Associate of Science
Carr, Julie R. - Welding & Fab Tech (Cert)
Carr, Tramaine K. - AAS, Practical Business Management
Carr, Julie R. - AAS, Welding & Fab Tech
Carroll, Samantha J. - AAS, Accounting Technology
Carson, Reese - Associate of Science
Castillo, Eden A. - AAOT, Oregon Transfer
Cawrse, Britney N. - CNC Machinist
Cawrse, Britney N. - Machine Tool Technology (Cert)
Cawrse, Britney N. - AAS, Machine Tool Technology
Celis, Erick - AAOT, Oregon Transfer
Cesca, Samuel J. - Associate of Science
Chandler, Geena - Associate of Science
Chaplygin, Yevgeniy - Associate of Science
Chapman, Alexis N. - AAOT, Oregon Transfer
Charley, Zachary - Welding & Fab Tech (Cert)
Charley, Zachary - AAS, Welding & Fab Tech
Chavarria, Mickenzi - AAS, Medical Assistant
Cheek, Karissa M. - AAOT, Oregon Transfer
Chen, Kelly - AAS, Culinary Arts
Chenoweth, Micah D. - Accounting Clerk
Chenoweth, Micah D. - AAS, Practical Business Management
Chesnut, Aaron R. - AAS, Occupational Therapy Asst
Christmas, Mckenna - AAOT, Oregon Transfer
Cisneros, Sariah A. - AAOT, Oregon Transfer
Cisneros, Vanessa - AAOT, Oregon Transfer
Clapp, Alex J. - Associate of Science
Clapp, Amber - GED
Clark, Natasha M. - AAS, Medical Assistant
Clark, Nicholas A. - Associate of General Studies
Clarkson, Jason E. - Associate of Science
Close, Megan M. - AAS, Non-Destruct Test & Evaluation
Clugston, Deana L. - AAS, Nursing
Coffey, Dakota R. - AAS, Mechatronics/Industrial Automation Tech
Cogdill, Autumn M. - Phlebotomy
Colvin, Hayden E. - AAS, Heavy Equipment/Diesel Tech
Combee, William F. - Associate of Science
Conklin, Brooke A. - AAOT, Oregon Transfer
Cowan, Brandon - Associate of Science
Coyazo, Nathali N. - AAS, Practical Business Management
Craun, Stephanie - AAS, Diagnostic Imaging
Crawford, Noah R. - AAS, Heavy Equipment/Diesel Tech
Crawford, Jessie L. - Associate of Science
Crisci, Michael - AAOT, Oregon Transfer
Crisp, Rachel E. - AAOT, Oregon Transfer
Crites, Chelby - AAOT, Oregon Transfer
Cross, Rachel A. - AAS, Heavy Equipment/Diesel Tech
Cross, Mason R. - AAOT, Oregon Transfer
Culbertson, Carra J. - Associate of General Studies
Culley, Matt J. - Associate of General Studies
Cullison, Seth - AAOT, Oregon Transfer
Cumming, Kirsty A. - AAS, Nursing
Curr, Tanner S. - AAS, Heavy Equipment/Diesel Tech
Curr, Tanner S. - Associate of General Studies
Curtis, Alexis J. - AAOT, Oregon Transfer
Cutsforth, Ross P. - AAOT, Oregon Transfer
Dasteur, Persis F. - AAS, Nursing
Davenport, Maddy F. - Phlebotomy
Davidson, Lesli A. - Industrial & Building Mechanic
Davidson, Lesli A. - AAS, Mechatronics/Industrial Automation Tech
Davies, Bette J. - Associate of General Studies
Davis, Anna E. - AAOT, Oregon Transfer
Davis, Dominic I. - Associate of Science
Davis, Trevin S. - Associate of Science
de, Elvira Torres - Dental Assistant
Deardorff, Katie D. - Associate of General Studies
Deardorff, Emily - Surgical Technologist
Delaney, Stephani - Child & Family Studies (Cert)
Delaney, Stephani - Childhood Care & Education
Delaney, Stephani - AAS, Child & Family Studies
DeLeon, Hailey A. - Associate of General Studies
Demchuk, lily A. - Dental Assistant
Demorest, Aidan J. - AAOT, Oregon Transfer
Dempsey, Shonna M. - Associate of Science
Devenport, Lindsay J. - AAOT, Oregon Transfer
Dewey, Josilyn L. - Associate of Science
Dick, Wesley C. - Machine Tool Technology (Cert)
Didion, Mary S. - Associate of Science
Dikeman, Katie A. - Associate of General Studies
Dillanes, Christopher - AAOT, Oregon Transfer
Dillinger, Lauren - AAS, Diagnostic Imaging
Dixon, Kirsten N. - Associate of Science
Dixon, Madelynne R. - Associate of Science
Dogan, Emre - Associate of Science
Doughton, Rachel E. - AAOT, Oregon Transfer
Douglass, Evan N. - AAOT, Oregon Transfer
Douthit, Patrick S. - AAS, Heavy Equipment/Diesel Tech
Dover, Danielle A. - AAS, Practical Business Management
Dow, Francesca N. - AAS, Animal Technology Horse Management
DuBois, Valerie M. - Associate of Science
Duncan, Michael G. - AAS, Heavy Equipment/Diesel Tech
Dundas, Troy S. - Limited Elect Apprentice Tech
Dunson, Stacy E. - Associate of Science
Dutcher, Trenton C. - Associate of Science
Dyer, Mckayla M. - Associate of Science
Dyess, Dixie L. - Sleep Technology
Eade, Skylar A. - Associate of General Studies
Earhart, Shellie M. - AAS, Medical Assistant
Egan, Dylan - Associate of Science
Ellis, William E. - Digital Image/Prepress Tech
Ellis, William E. - AAS, Visual Communications
Elmoudden, Kimberly J. - Phlebotomy
Elrod, Danielle S. - Accounting Clerk
Elrod, Danielle S. - Associate of Science
Elstad, Hannah B. - Phlebotomy
Erickson, Josh C. - AAS, Const & Forestry Equip Tech
Erkman, Joshua - Associate of Science
Espe, Eric - AAS, Water, Environment & Tech
Espinoza, Bianney Cano - AAS, Nursing
Esplin, Brady A. - AAS, Network &Systems Admin
Evans, Jen P. - Coding Reimbursement Spec
Evans, Madison C. - AAS, Visual Communications
Eveland-Rood, Steven - GED
Falk, Lincoln - AAOT, Oregon Transfer
Farley, Grant T. - Associate of Science
Farley, Katherine M. - AAS, Nursing
Farley, Trent A. - AAOT, Oregon Transfer
Faulkner, Kelly F. - Associate of Science
Fawver, Justin - AAOT, Oregon Transfer
Fawver, Ashlie - Associate of Science
Fegan, Cricket - Associate of Science
Ferrara, Cole - Associate of General Studies
Feuerstein, Mckensi R. - Associate of General Studies
Few, Kristen J. - Associate of Science
Fields, Angela A. - Associate of General Studies
Finneman, Shannon - Phlebotomy
Fisher, Cherish L. - AAOT, Oregon Transfer
Fislar, Ashley K. - AAS, Diagnostic Imaging
Fitzsimons, Charlie L. - AAS, Practical Business Management
Fletcher, Sarah K. - Associate of Science
Flores, Jose A. - Associate of General Studies
Flores, Benigna - Child & Family Studies (Cert)
Flores, Benigna - Childhood Care & Education
Flores, Benigna - AAS, Child & Family Studies
Floyd, Braley R. - AAS, Non-Destruct Test & Evaluation
Fontenette, Kyle M. - Welding & Fab Tech (Cert)
Fontenette, Kyle M. - AAS, Welding & Fab Tech
Forsythe, Cody J. - AAS,Ind Mech/Maintenance Tch App 
Fowler, Shannon R. - Associate of Science
Francisconi, Jimmie - GED 
Franklin, Connor - GED
Fraser, Laura - AAS, Diagnostic Imaging
Frasieur, Christian T. - AAOT, Oregon Transfer
Freeman, Richard K. - Associate of Science
Freeman, Seth - Associate of Science
Freitas, Megan A. - AAOT, Oregon Transfer
French, Morgan M. - AAS, Water, Environment & Tech
Frenzel, Elizabeth M. - Associate of Science
Friar, Ellen R. - AAOT, Oregon Transfer
Fricke, Talyn - AAOT, Oregon Transfer
Frye, Brianna N. - Associate of Science
Fuchs, Riley - Associate of Science
Fulton, Cassidy N. - Phlebotomy
Fulton, Cassidy N. - Associate of General Studies
Funk, Emily B. - AAOT, Oregon Transfer
Gaeta, Aaron L. - Limited Elect Apprentice Tech
Gallardo, Shiana E. - Systems Administration
Gallardo, Shiana E. - AAS, Network &Systems Admin
Gallardo, Emilia Gallardo - Associate of General Studies
Gallentine, Heather - Associate of Science
Garcia, Esmeralda L. - AAOT, Oregon Transfer
Garcia, Omar E. - AAOT, Oregon Transfer
Garcia, Bryan - AAOT, Oregon Transfer
Garofallou, Amanda M. - Associate of Science
Garrett, Alexis L. - AAOT, Oregon Transfer
Garrett, Kaitlin J. - AAOT, Oregon Transfer
Gavin, Jacynda H. - Surgical Technologist
Gayheart, Tyler - AAS, Nursing
Gefre, Matthew D. - AAOT, Oregon Transfer
Geier, Gawain M. - Associate of Science
Genco, Jessica L. - Associate of Science
Gerig, Kaelin - AAOT, Oregon Transfer
Gerig, Kaelin - Associate of General Studies
Gestrin, Molly R. - Phlebotomy
Gibbs, Sierra A. - AAS, Diagnostic Imaging
Gilbert, Joshua D. - AAOT, Oregon Transfer
Gilkison, Jennifer F. - Coding Reimbursement Spec
Gillies, Brendin - AAS, Occupational Therapy Asst
Gingoyon, Oshin A. - Phlebotomy
Gladman, David J. - Industrial Pipe Trades (1Yr)
Gladman, David J. - AAS, Industrial Pipe Trades 
Glefke, Rowan - GED
Glenn, Cory L. - AAS, Heavy Equipment/Diesel Tech
Goin, Jami R. - AAOT, Oregon Transfer
Gonnerman, Zachary D. - AAOT, Oregon Transfer
Gonzales, Melissa - Welding & Fab Tech (Cert)
Gonzales, Melissa - AAS, Welding & Fab Tech
Goodwin, George E. - Ind Mech/Maintenance Tch App (Cert)
Goodwin, George E. - AAS,Ind Mech/Maintenance Tch App 
Graves, Thomas M. - Associate of Science
GraVette, Rebekah L. - AAOT, Oregon Transfer
Green, Alexa L. - AAS, Diagnostic Imaging
Greenburg, Carreina M. - Dental Assistant
Greene, Chance J. - Associate of Science
Greensweight, Nathan S. - AAS, Accounting Technology
Griffin, Melinda L. - Coding Reimbursement Spec
Griffin, Charmayn - Juvenile Corrections
Griffin, Charmayn - AAS, Criminal Justice
Griffith, Nicole A. - AAOT, Oregon Transfer
Grimes, Susan J. - AAS, Practical Business Management
Grizzle, Taylor J. - AAOT, Oregon Transfer
Gruber, Katie L. - Associate of General Studies
Guilliot, Kennedy N. - AAOT, Oregon Transfer
Gunnarson, Erica T. - AAOT, Oregon Transfer
Guo, Yufeng - Associate of Science
Gurski, Bailey J. - Associate of Science
Gutt, Kindra U. - AAS, Occupational Therapy Asst
Hackstedt, Cory A. - AAS, Network &Systems Admin
Hadley, Shakayla - Associate of Science
Hageman, Trey D. - Associate of Science
Hahn, Candra J. - Associate of General Studies
Haigler, Brittnie A. - AAS, Diagnostic Imaging
Hall, Thomas G. - AAS, Comp Aided Design/Draft CADD Tch
Hamby, Jen A. - AAS, Practical Business Management
Hamilton, Jami S. - Coding Reimbursement Spec
Hamilton, Mikayla E. - AAOT, Oregon Transfer
Hamm, Akane L. - AAOT, Oregon Transfer
Hampton, Jessica N. - Associate of Science
Hanks, Amber N. - Surgical Technologist
Hannen, Thea B. - Associate of General Studies
Hansen, Brian T. - AAS, Mechatronics/Industrial Automation Tech
Hanshew, Scott B. - Auto Maintenance/Light Repair MLR
Hanshew, Scott B. - AAS, Automotive Technology
Hanson, Logan J. - AAOT, Oregon Transfer
Hanson, Joey R. - Associate of Science
Harlan, Hayley R. - Associate of Science
Harris, Christopher A. - AAOT, Oregon Transfer
Harris, Matthew T. - Associate of Science
Hartwig, Victoria - Associate of Science
Hartz, Anna - AAS, Nursing
Haslam, Tyler D. - AAS, Nursing
Hathaway, Jessie M. - AAOT, Oregon Transfer
Hatley, Haley L. - AAOT, Oregon Transfer
Hawley, Jane O. - AAOT, Oregon Transfer
Hayes, Michelle - AAS, Accounting Technology
Hazelton, Julia C. - AAOT, Oregon Transfer
Helm-Williams, Logan A. - AAOT, Oregon Transfer
Henderson, Austin G. - AAOT, Oregon Transfer
Henry, Zachariah - GED
Hensley, Nathanael - GED 
Herbert, Mackenzee E. - Associate of General Studies
Hernandez, Yasmin - AAOT, Oregon Transfer
Hernandez, Mike - Associate of General Studies
Hernandez, Esmeralda - Associate of Science
Herrera-Ruiz, Jaz - Associate of Science
Hershberger, Zane T. - AAS, Heavy Equipment/Diesel Tech
Hesser, Victor S. - Welding & Fab Tech (Cert)
Hesser, Victor S. - AAS, Welding & Fab Tech
Higgs, Nigel S. - Associate of Science
Hill, Eric - AAOT, Oregon Transfer
Hobson, Cat J. - AAS, Accounting Technology
Hoffman, Erin E. - Associate of Science
Holden, Tawnee J. - AAS, Nursing
Holiman, Bryan S. - Surgical Technologist
Hooley, Sidney P. - AAOT, Oregon Transfer
Hooper, Robert D. - AAS, Non-Destruct Test & Evaluation
Hoover, Justin J. - AAOT, Oregon Transfer
Horner, Ninfa M. - AAS, Nursing
Horner, Emily - Associate of Science
Horsen, Kieran Van - Welding & Fab Tech (Cert)
Horsen, Kieran Van - AAS, Welding & Fab Tech
Hoskinson, Tyler - GED
Houck, Matthew L. - AAS, Automotive Technology
Houck, Matthew L. - AAS, Welding & Fab Tech
Hougen, Erin E. - Associate of Science
Howard, Julia - AAS, Occupational Therapy Asst
Howell, Paris L. - AAOT, Oregon Transfer
Howell, Paris L. - Associate of Science
Hudson, Travis A. - AAOT, Oregon Transfer
Huerta-Velasquez, Jose Luis - Associate of Science
Hughes, Kaitlynn A. - Sleep Technology
Hughes, Liam R. - AAOT, Oregon Transfer
Hulcy, Andrew S. - AAS, Culinary Arts
Hunter, Kari - Associate of Science
Hurst, Allison H. - AAS, Nursing
Hutchins, Hunter R. - AAS, Heavy Equipment/Diesel Tech
Ibarra, Otoniel A. - AAS, Non-Destruct Test & Evaluation
Irvin, Dawn M. - Sleep Technology
Isabell, Alisha N. - AAOT, Oregon Transfer
Iwai, Michael S. - AAOT, Oregon Transfer
Ixtlahuac, Ivan - Auto Maintenance/Light Repair MLR
Ixtlahuac, Ivan - AAS, Automotive Technology
Jackola, Shellie L. - Associate of Science
James, Becky A. - Associate of General Studies
Jeffers, Taylina - AAOT, Oregon Transfer
Jernigan, Autumn H. - AAOT, Oregon Transfer
Jessup, Ian - GED
Johnson, Kayla R. - Coding Reimbursement Spec
Johnson, Mackenzie - GED 
Johnson, Sydnie S. - AAOT, Oregon Transfer
Johnson, Rachel - Associate of Science
Johnston, Kiersten M. - AAOT, Oregon Transfer
Jones, Gina - GED
Jones, Travis W. - Digital Image/Prepress Tech
Jones, Taylor J. - AAS, Nursing
Jones, Taylor G. - AAOT, Oregon Transfer
Jones, Jason L. - Associate of General Studies
Jones, Jacob T. - Associate of Science
Joublin, Natalie - AAOT, Oregon Transfer
Jr, Ignacio Gonzalez - AAS, Nursing
Juarez, Maria S. - AAOT, Oregon Transfer
Julius, Bryan - Associate of Science
Kaauwai-Walker, Ilima P. - Associate of General Studies
Kachel, Bailey A. - AAS, Diagnostic Imaging
Kachel, Bailey A. - Associate of General Studies
Kallgren, Louis R. - AAS, Heavy Equipment/Diesel Tech
Kanoho, Madisen - GED
Karo, Twila J. - AAS, Nursing
Keady, Cole J. - Associate of Science
Keeling, Lindsay M. - Coding Reimbursement Spec
Kellett, Kate K. - Associate of General Studies
Kelley, Marnie L. - AAS, Nursing
Kelly, Kathleen A. - AAS, Occupational Therapy Asst
Kem, Trinity A. - AAS, Animal Technology Horse Management
Keudell, Wyatt - Associate of Science
Keuneke, Nathan W. - AAS, Mechatronics/Industrial Automation Tech
Kilgore, Nicole A. - Associate of General Studies
Kim, Sun L. - Coding Reimbursement Spec
Kim, Nathan - AAOT, Oregon Transfer
Kindsvogel, Jacob M. - Associate of Science
King, Erin - Surgical Technologist
Kinkade, Matthew S. - AAOT, Oregon Transfer
Kinney, Amber - GED
Kirk, Maria - AAS, Const & Forestry Equip Tech
Kittel, Sierra N. - Associate of General Studies
Kleint, Emily - GED
Knapp, Killian C. - Sleep Technology
Knight, Joshua B. - Associate of Science
Knox, Hunter - AAOT, Oregon Transfer
Koch, Joshua D. - CNC Machinist
Koch, Joshua D. - Machine Tool Technology (Cert)
Koch, Joshua D. - AAS, Machine Tool Technology
Kofoid, Cheyenne - AAS, Diagnostic Imaging
Kogoya, Cory - Associate of General Studies
Kohashi, Kristie S. - AAS, Accounting Technology
Kolsen, Hana - AAS, Nursing
Kopplien, Desarae A. - AAOT, Oregon Transfer
Kraayenbrink, Kyle R. - AAOT, Oregon Transfer
Krenik, Joshua - GED
Kropf, Brett A. - AAS, Nursing
Kuhn, Madison S. - Associate of Science
Kurilo, Tyler J. - AAS, Non-Destruct Test & Evaluation
Kutlu, Batuhan B. - Associate of Science
Kvasnicka, Lauryn - Surgical Technologist
La, Alondra De - Associate of Science
La, Alondra De - Associate of Science
LaCalli, Brittney - AAS, Occupational Therapy Asst
Lackner, Emily L. - Associate of Science
Lambert, Logan M. - Industrial Pipe Trades (1Yr)
Lambert, Andrew D. - AAS, Heavy Equipment/Diesel Tech
Lambert, Logan M. - AAS, Industrial Pipe Trades 
Lamdin, Kenji Y. - AAOT, Oregon Transfer
Lamke, Skylar - Child & Family Studies (Cert)
Lamke, Skylar - AAS, Child & Family Studies
Landers, Chrissy M. - AAOT, Oregon Transfer
Landers, Jonathan W. - Associate of Science
Laport, Vincent J. - AAS, Culinary Arts
Larison, Melissa S. - Associate of Science
Lariviere, Janet L. - AAS, Mechatronics/Industrial Automation Tech
lazo, graciela vazquez - Phlebotomy
Leach, Cynthia L. - AAS, Nursing
Leahy, Kevin C. - AAS, Heavy Equipment/Diesel Tech
Ledgerwood, Joey J. - AAS, Mechatronics/Industrial Automation Tech
Lee, Liam L. - AAOT, Oregon Transfer
Leep, Robert E. - Systems Administration
Leep, Robert E. - AAS, Network &Systems Admin
Legras, Colson H. - Associate of Science
Leibowitz, Elise H. - AAOT, Oregon Transfer
Lemhouse, Celia - Associate of Science
Lemus, Emilee G. - AAOT, Oregon Transfer
Leon-Castillo, Avery - GED
Lewis, Adam - Associate of General Studies
Li, Erjing - Associate of Science
Lien, Hannah L. - AAS, Diagnostic Imaging
Lillis, Carrie J. - Associate of Science
Linenberger, Luke A. - AAOT, Oregon Transfer
Litzie, Paige M. - Coding Reimbursement Spec
Liu, Shangyi - Associate of General Studies
Liu, Shangyi - Associate of Science
Locke, Ashlee A. - AAOT, Oregon Transfer
Long, Maxwell C. - AAOT, Oregon Transfer
Long, Caytlynn J. - Associate of Science
Looney, Alicia - AAS, Nursing
Lopez, Lizbeth Mendoza - AAOT, Oregon Transfer
Lopez, Eduardo - Juvenile Corrections
Lopez, Eduardo - AAS, Const & Forestry Equip Tech
Lopez-Sanchez, Pedro - Dental Assistant
Love, Meredith R. - AAOT, Oregon Transfer
Lovemark, Daniel J. - Juvenile Corrections
Lovemark, Daniel J. - AAS, Const & Forestry Equip Tech
Loyd, Isabelle E. - AAS, Nursing
Luck, Jennifer C. - AAS, Accounting Technology
Luckenbill, Grace E. - AAOT, Oregon Transfer
Luhrs, Hunter B. - AAS, Const & Forestry Equip Tech
Lukas, Helena - AAS, Occupational Therapy Asst
Luke, Lindsey P. - AAOT, Oregon Transfer
Lundy, Alexis - Associate of Science
Lunsford, Mariah C. - Surgical Technologist
MacDowell, Sabrina M. - AAS, Diagnostic Imaging
Maeda, Michelle - Coding Reimbursement Spec
Magana, Kevin - AAOT, Oregon Transfer
Magers, Lexy K. - Dental Assistant
Magers, Lexy K. - Associate of General Studies
Maldonado, Andrew M. - Associate of Science
Maraver, Arturo - Associate of Science
Mars, Emily G. - Phlebotomy
Marsh, Christopher - GED 
Marshall, Robert L. - AAS, Const & Forestry Equip Tech
Marshall, Grace - GED
Marshall, Heather E. - AAOT, Oregon Transfer
Marske, Emily J. - AAOT, Oregon Transfer
Martin, Blue - GED
Martin, Caleb D. - AAS, Const & Forestry Equip Tech
Martin, Damion E. - AAOT, Oregon Transfer
Martin, Emily - AAS, Diagnostic Imaging
Martin, Melissa - AAS, Nursing
Martinez-Squires, Hailey E. - AAS, Nursing
Massoni, April M. - AAOT, Oregon Transfer
Mathis, Jesse E. - AAS, Practical Business Management
Mathis, Jesse E. - Associate of Science
Matsumoto, Colby - Accounting Clerk
Matsumoto, Colby - AAS, Accounting Technology
Matthews, Ashley G. - Dental Assistant
Maupin, Hannah N. - AAOT, Oregon Transfer
McAvoy, Paige E. - Phlebotomy
McClanahan, Kaylynn L. - Digital Image/Prepress Tech
McClanahan, Kaylynn L. - AAS, Visual Communications
McClure, Erin - Surgical Technologist
McClure, Erin - Associate of General Studies
McCormick, Cameron D. - AAS, Heavy Equipment/Diesel Tech
McCoy, Tess L. - AAOT, Oregon Transfer
McCurdy, Allison M. - Associate of Science
McGhee, Andrew S. - AAS, Heavy Equipment/Diesel Tech
McIntyre, Ian D. - AAOT, Oregon Transfer
Mckendry, Ryan J. - AAS, Practical Business Management
McKiernan, April M. - AAS, Nursing
McLaren, Hayley - GED (with honors)
McLaws, Steven - AAOT, Oregon Transfer
Mcmahen, Tristan R. - Welding & Fab Tech (Cert)
Mcmahen, Tristan R. - AAS, Welding & Fab Tech
McMullen, Sadie M. - AAOT, Oregon Transfer
McNeil, Jessica - GED
McQuillan, Ann-Marie - Coding Reimbursement Spec
Media, Jonathon W. - Associate of Science
Medina, Anna - GED
Melbye, Makenna R. - Dental Assistant
Melton, Ashley L. - AAS, Nursing
Mendoza, Erick - AAOT, Oregon Transfer
Mersmann, William - GED (with honors)
Miles, Marissa S. - AAOT, Oregon Transfer
Miller, Storm S. - Dental Assistant
Miller, Grace K. - AAOT, Oregon Transfer
Miller, Janae B. - AAOT, Oregon Transfer
Miller, Megan J. - AAOT, Oregon Transfer
Miller, Kayla M. - Associate of Science
Milo, Julia - AAS, Medical Assistant
Misamore, Kimberlyn M. - Associate of Science
Mishra, Varsha D. - Childhood Care & Education
Mitchell, Hannah B. - AAS, Nursing
Mobley, Austin S. - Phlebotomy
Mole, Connor E. - Associate of General Studies
Montoya, Monique B. - Associate of Science
Moore, Erin L. - Phlebotomy
Moore, Thomas J. - AAOT, Oregon Transfer
Moore, Ryan - AAS, Heavy Equipment/Diesel Tech
Morales, Analy Sanchez - AAOT, Oregon Transfer
Moreland, Tammy S. - Juvenile Corrections
Moreland, Tammy S. - AAS, Criminal Justice
Morelos, Hannah N. - Associate of Science
Moreno, Veronica D. - Child & Family Studies (Cert)
Moreno, Veronica D. - Childhood Care & Education
Moreno, Veronica D. - AAS, Child & Family Studies
Morgan, Mary E. - AAOT, Oregon Transfer
Morris, Zachery J. - AAS, Criminal Justice
Mowery, Patrick B. - Welding & Fab Tech (Cert)
Mowery, Patrick B. - AAS, Non-Destruct Test & Evaluation
Mowery, Patrick B. - AAS, Welding & Fab Tech
Mulder, Nathan J. - AAS, Culinary Arts
Munsee, Alexander J. - Associate of General Studies
Murphy, Austin R. - AAS, Heavy Equipment/Diesel Tech
Murphy, Austin R. - Associate of General Studies
Murray, Joshua A. - Associate of Science
Muses, Jazmin E. - Associate of Science
Mustoe, Adam J. - Auto Maintenance/Light Repair MLR
Mustoe, Adam J. - AAS, Automotive Technology
Myers, Hannah R. - Associate of Science
Myers, Mattie L. - Associate of Science
N., Maria Olive - AAS, Medical Assistant
Navarro, Samuel J. - CNC Machinist
Navarro, Samuel J. - Machine Tool Technology (Cert)
Navarro, Samuel J. - AAS, Machine Tool Technology
Naylor, Rachal R. - Associate of General Studies
Nelson, Makayla S. - AAS, Nursing
Nielsen, Victoria A. - Surgical Technologist
Nielsen, Aiden M. - AAS, Culinary Arts
Norek, Paul A. - Welding & Fab Tech (Cert)
Norek, Paul A. - AAS, Welding & Fab Tech
Nunez, Ashlee - Surgical Technologist
Nunez Santiago, Moises - GED
Nykanen, Katherine S. - AAS, Occupational Therapy Asst
Oar, Devin J. - AAS, Mechatronics/Industrial Automation Tech
OBert, Kevin R. - AAS, Culinary Arts
Odell, Victoria A. - AAOT, Oregon Transfer
Ohlhausen, Kelsie L. - AAS, Medical Assistant
Ojeda, Aaron - Digital Image/Prepress Tech
Ojeda, Sylvia - AAS, Nursing
Olin, Austin N. - AAOT, Oregon Transfer
Oliver, Megan - AAOT, Oregon Transfer
Olguin, Ariana - GED
Ongosari, Richard - Associate of Science
Oniones, Michaela D. - Dental Assistant
Orlandini, Nicholas - Associate of Science
Orlando, Natalie - GED (with honors)
Ormonde, Elizabeth E. - AAS, Nursing
Ormsby, Jacob L. - AAS, Comp Aided Design/Draft CADD Tch
Otis, Ryan K. - Civil Engineering Technology
Otis, Ryan K. - AAS, Comp Aided Design/Draft CADD Tch
Otto, Carson J. - Industrial Pipe Trades (1Yr)
Otto, Carson J. - AAS, Industrial Pipe Trades 
Ou, Zipeng - AAOT, Oregon Transfer
Ou, Zipeng - Associate of General Studies
Overstreet, Jacob T. - AAOT, Oregon Transfer
Owens, DJ D. - Associate of General Studies
Owings, Alan D. - AAS, Comp Aided Design/Draft CADD Tch
Oxley, Nicole R. - AAOT, Oregon Transfer
P., Taylor Campbell - Associate of General Studies
Pace, Jessica E. - Coding Reimbursement Spec
Padilla, Citlali Villanueva - Associate of General Studies
Palomares, Joshua I. - Dental Assistant
Panella, Matthew - AAOT, Oregon Transfer
Pariyanont, Khan - Associate of General Studies
Pariyanont, Khan - Associate of Science
Parker, Emily L. - AAS, Nursing
Parker, Issac - GED
Parkison, Terry L. - AAS, Accounting Technology
Parrish, Holly M. - Profitable Small Farms
Parrish, Holly M. - Associate of Science
Parrish, Kaitlynn R. - Associate of Science
Parrish, Toby A. - Associate of Science
Parrish, Toby A. - Associate of Science
Pawley, Christofer J. - AAS, Non-Destruct Test & Evaluation
Peet, Logan D. - AAS, Culinary Arts
Pepper, William J. - Phlebotomy
Percy, Jaclyn A. - AAS, Occupational Therapy Asst
Perdue, Luke C. - AAS, Water, Environment & Tech
Perez-Jensen, Marcos - GED
Perrone, Tavia - AAOT, Oregon Transfer
Petersen, Austin H. - AAOT, Oregon Transfer
Peterson, Erik N. - Surgical Technologist
Petterson, Athena D. - AAS, Culinary Arts
Phillips, Sasha M. - Associate of General Studies
Pinchuk, Angeline A. - AAS, Occupational Therapy Asst
Pires, Bryson R. - Associate of General Studies
Plum, Abigail M. - Sleep Technology
Pocock, Cindal M. - Surgical Technologist
Poe, Casey H. - AAOT, Oregon Transfer
Pommier, Kyle B. - AAS, Practical Business Management
Porter, Grace A. - AAOT, Oregon Transfer
Poteet, Brittany N. - Associate of Science
Potter, Julia L. - AAOT, Oregon Transfer
Powell, Janie L. - Coding Reimbursement Spec
Preuit, Kelsey E. - AAS, Nursing
Price, Kegan - Welding & Fab Tech (Cert)
Price, Kegan - AAS, Welding & Fab Tech
Prosa, Taylor M. - Digital Image/Prepress Tech
Prosa, Taylor M. - AAS, Visual Communications
Puda, Gina Lee - Associate of General Studies
Purell, Ayushi C. - AAOT, Oregon Transfer
Putman, William L. - Limited Elect Apprentice Tech
Quiggle, Raiden M. - Associate of Science
Quinnett, Diana D. - Phlebotomy
Quiroz, Stephanie - GED
Rabe, Kaelyn A. - Associate of Science
Ramos, Saul - Sleep Technology
Randklev, Lisa K. - Digital Image/Prepress Tech
Randklev, Lisa K. - AAS, Visual Communications
Randleman, Anna L. - Associate of Science
Rapp, Jennifer L. - Sleep Technology
Rasmussen, Lea M. - Coding Reimbursement Spec
Ray, Aloha M. - Coding Reimbursement Spec
Rayburn, Korina C. - AAOT, Oregon Transfer
Rayburn, Aja - AAOT, Oregon Transfer
Rayl, David A. - Associate of Science
Reardon, Matthew A. - AAS, Comp Aided Design/Draft CADD Tch
Reerslev, Selamawit H. - AAOT, Oregon Transfer
Reeves, Heather J. - Associate of Science
Refugio, Selena - AAS, Accounting Technology
Reher, Alexander A. - AAOT, Oregon Transfer
Reichmuth, Dryden - AAOT, Oregon Transfer
Reid, Jennifer L. - Associate of General Studies
Reid, Katie A. - Associate of Science
Rethaford, Joyann - GED
Ricard, Alli C. - AAOT, Oregon Transfer
Rice, Emilie E. - Sleep Technology
Riley, Conner L. - AAS, Culinary Arts
Riley, Sarah O. - AAOT, Oregon Transfer
Riley, Sarah O. - Associate of General Studies
Robbins, Kari - AAS, Practical Business Management
Roberts, Meghan L. - AAS, Medical Assistant
Robinson, Wiley F. - AAOT, Oregon Transfer
Rocha, Heriberto - Associate of Science
Rodgers, Samuel D. - Ind Mech/Maintenance Tch App (Cert)
Rodgers, Samuel D. - AAS, Ind Mech/Maintenance Tch App 
Rodriguez, Joaquin - Industrial Pipe Trades (1Yr)
Rodriguez, Joaquin - AAS, Industrial Pipe Trades 
Rojas, Candy - GED
Rosenau, Michael - AAS, Non-Destruct Test & Evaluation
Rosevear, Braden A. - Associate of Science
Rosser, Owen M. - AAOT, Oregon Transfer
Rowe, Corey J. - AAS, Occupational Therapy Asst
Rubalcava, Christina A. - AAS, Nursing
Rudkin, Sydney E. - AAOT, Oregon Transfer
Rugg, Thomas - Civil Engineering Technology
Rugg, Thomas - AAS, Comp Aided Design/Draft CADD Tch
Rush, Boone S. - AAOT, Oregon Transfer
Rutter, Alexis M. - AAOT, Oregon Transfer
Ryan, Baylee I. - AAS, Nursing
Saldana, Marisela - AAOT, Oregon Transfer
Samoylich, Donna L. - AAS, Nursing
Sanchez, Alejandro - AAS, Horticulture 
Sanders, William C. - Systems Administration
Sanyang, Allison R. - AAS, Nursing
Sash, Mason - AAOT, Oregon Transfer
Sauter, Neal F. - Welding & Fab Tech (Cert)
Sauter, Neal F. - AAS, Welding & Fab Tech
Say, Charlie - Associate of Science
Schaffner, Connor H. - AAS, Non-Destruct Test & Evaluation
Scharer, Naylen H. - Associate of Science
Schellenger, Sabrina M. - Associate of General Studies
Schindler, Julia - GED
Schmeltzer, Joshua J. - CNC Machinist
Schmeltzer, Joshua J. - Machine Tool Technology (Cert)
Schmeltzer, Joshua J. - AAS, Machine Tool Technology
Schnee, Holly - Coding Reimbursement Spec
Schnee, Holly - AAS, Medical Assistant
Schneider, Tristan M. - AAOT, Oregon Transfer
Schukis, Anna L. - AAS, Occupational Therapy Asst
Scott, Ashley - Associate of Science
Seale, Rebecca C. - AAS, Nursing
Sears, Kevin W. - Systems Administration
Sears, Kevin W. - AAS, Network &Systems Admin
Seaton-Wade, Bayley R. - AAS, Diagnostic Imaging
Secrest, Blake M. - AAS, Non-Destruct Test & Evaluation
Segismar, Hazel - Associate of Science
Seim, Madeline M. - Accounting Clerk
Seim, Jackson D. - AAS, Heavy Equipment/Diesel Tech
Sequoia, Sarah A. - AAS, Nursing
Shaiban, Kanar - Associate of Science
Shanafelt, Nolan M. - AAS, Practical Business Management
Shanno, Danielle M. - AAOT, Oregon Transfer
Shannon, Cecil L. - AAS, Heavy Equipment/Diesel Tech
Shedeck, Douglas J. - AAS, Heavy Equipment/Diesel Tech
Sheldon, Melana - AAS, Diagnostic Imaging
Shen, Dongdong - AAS, Practical Business Management
Shepard, Pamela J. - AAS, Medical Assistant
Shields, Julia E. - AAS, Animal Technology Horse Management
Shields, Lisa M. - Associate of General Studies
Shilling, Caleb N. - Associate of Science
Shirley, Lexi N. - Welding & Fab Tech (Cert)
Shirley, Lexi N. - AAS, Welding & Fab Tech
Shockey, Shana T. - AAOT, Oregon Transfer
Shonk, Ayden - Associate of Science
Short, Mackenzie M. - AAOT, Oregon Transfer
Shortridge, Logan - AAS, Animal Technology Horse Management
Sigmon, Steven J. - Associate of General Studies
Silva, Damaris M. - Coding Reimbursement Spec
Silva, Damaris M. - Associate of General Studies
Simdorn, Noah D. - Associate of General Studies
Simmons, Angelina M. - Associate of General Studies
Simmons, Bridgette M. - Associate of Science
Sinclair, Eric B. - AAS, Heavy Equipment/Diesel Tech
Sinnett, James R. - AAOT, Oregon Transfer
Sirnio, Justin W. - AAOT, Oregon Transfer
Skinner, Soren M. - AAOT, Oregon Transfer
Skipper, Sierra C. - Dental Assistant
Skipper, Sierra C. - Associate of General Studies
Sloan, Kaitlin R. - Civil Engineering Technology
Sloan, Kaitlin R. - AAS, Comp Aided Design/Draft CADD Tch
Slover, Nicholas D. - AAOT, Oregon Transfer
Smallwood, Alec E. - AAOT, Oregon Transfer
Smiddy, Jordan L. - Associate of Science
Smith, Aliceanne N. - Associate of Science
Smith, BreeAnna C. - Associate of General Studies
Smith, Dinah J. - AAS, Nursing
Smith, Eleanor G. - AAOT, Oregon Transfer
Smith, Keary J. - Systems Administration
Smith, Keary J. - AAS, Network &Systems Admin
Smith, Michael D. - Welding & Fab Tech (Cert)
Smith, Michael D. - AAS, Welding & Fab Tech
Smith, Teilo - GED (with honors)
Solis, Eduardo - AAS, Diagnostic Imaging
Solomon, Hyperion G. - AAOT, Oregon Transfer
Solomon, Hyperion G. - Associate of Science
Sosa, Gabriel - AAOT, Oregon Transfer
Sossie, Kristina S. - Dental Assistant
Soto-Castro, Alondra R. - AAS, Medical Assistant
Southwick, Elijah - GED
Sperling, Adam G. - AAS, Occupational Therapy Asst
Spilde, Caeden D. - AAOT, Oregon Transfer
Sprague, Aiden O. - AAOT, Oregon Transfer
Sprenger, Austin T. - AAS, Heavy Equipment/Diesel Tech
Spurlock, Shaunna F. - AAS, Medical Assistant
St. Clair, Justus S. - AAOT, Oregon Transfer
St. Julien, Mckenzie L. - AAOT, Oregon Transfer
Stackhouse, Jessica R. - AAOT, Oregon Transfer
Staczek, Francine R. - AAS, Occupational Therapy Asst
Stanley, Keith T. - AAOT, Oregon Transfer
Stehle, Lake K. - AAOT, Oregon Transfer
Stephenson, Hollie - Associate of Science
Stevenson, Stephanie R. - AAOT, Oregon Transfer
Still, Adrianne N. - Associate of General Studies
Stingley, Leah A. - Profitable Small Farms
Stinson, Lexie G. - AAS, Medical Assistant
Stoa, Jeremy - AAS, Comp Aided Design/Draft CADD Tch
Stockwell, Bridgett A. - AAS, Diagnostic Imaging
Stone, Kinsley - AAOT, Oregon Transfer
Stoneking, Joshua S. - AAOT, Oregon Transfer
Stowell, Rodrick - Welding & Fab Tech (Cert)
Stowell, Rodrick - AAS, Welding & Fab Tech
Stutzman, Laura K. - AAS, Nursing
Suarez, Min M. - Coding Reimbursement Spec
Suarez-Nunez, Tiara - Phlebotomy
Sublette, Nickolas A. - Associate of Science
Suedbeck, Mina M. - Coding Reimbursement Spec
Sughrue, Johanna R. - Coding Reimbursement Spec
Surlow, Ian P. - Associate of Science
Swearingen, Heidi N. - Associate of General Studies
Sweet, Alexandra G. - Associate of Science
Sweo, Casey M. - AAS, Diagnostic Imaging
Taft, Fiona - GED
Talbert, Justin - GED (with honors)
Tansley, Jenevive P. - AAOT, Oregon Transfer
Tansley, Jenevive P. - Associate of General Studies
Tapia, Adam - AAS, Diagnostic Imaging
Tappan, Jonah D. - Associate of Science
Tappero, Bailey J. - AAS, Animal Technology Horse Management
Tedrow, Taylor C. - Associate of Science
Thaden, Frank L. - AAS, Network &Systems Admin
Thaden, Frank L. - Associate of Science
Thomas, Kristin A. - AAS, Accounting Technology
Thomas, Xander M. - Associate of Science
Thompson, Julie Y. - Associate of Science
Thomson, Annabelle E. - AAOT, Oregon Transfer
Thornburg, Ala A. - Systems Administration
Thornburg, Ala A. - AAS, Network &Systems Admin
Tian, Liang - Associate of Science
Tilley, Samantha J. - AAS, Nursing
Tipton, Julia J. - AAS, Animal Technology Horse Management
Toney, Jason W. - Associate of Science
Torres, Josue - Juvenile Corrections
Torres, Josue - AAS, Criminal Justice
Torres, Justin - AAS, Culinary Arts
Totten, Todd A. - Associate of Science
Towey, Tiernan P. - AAOT, Oregon Transfer
Trevino, Marlee N. - AAOT, Oregon Transfer
Tschantre, Katarina - AAOT, Oregon Transfer
Tucker, Olivia P. - AAS, Animal Technology Horse Management
Tullis, Nathan D. - AAS, Non-Destruct Test & Evaluation
Turnbull, Nicholas J. - AAS, Non-Destruct Test & Evaluation
Turner, Angel M. - AAOT, Oregon Transfer
Tveit, Brandon - AAOT, Oregon Transfer
Uebel, Joshua J. - CNC Machinist
Uebel, Joshua J. - Machine Tool Technology (Cert)
Uebel, Joshua J. - AAS, Machine Tool Technology
Ulibarri, Corbin - AAS, Mechatronics/Industrial Automation Tech
Upton, Brooklynn V. - Associate of Science
Vaage, Amelia R. - AAS, Occupational Therapy Asst
Valore, Sarah - AAOT, Oregon Transfer
Vandetta, Makenna L. - AAOT, Oregon Transfer
Vanella, Matthew A. - Industrial & Building Mechanic
Vanrossum, Erik S. - Industrial Pipe Trades (1Yr)
Vanrossum, Erik S. - AAS, Industrial Pipe Trades 
Vantil, Noah - GED
Vantusko, Anthony M. - Welding & Fab Tech (Cert)
Vantusko, Anthony M. - AAS, Welding & Fab Tech
VanZandt, Megan L. - AAS, Diagnostic Imaging
Velasco, Zachary - Associate of Science
Veltri, Chelsea - AAS, Diagnostic Imaging
Viernes, Kelly - AAS, Occupational Therapy Asst
Vignolle, Eva V. - Phlebotomy
Viray, Neven B. - AAOT, Oregon Transfer
Vokes, Donovin - AAOT, Oregon Transfer
Vu, Ilannah M. - Associate of Science
Wagers, Nikita G. - AAOT, Oregon Transfer
Walker, Baleu M. - AAOT, Oregon Transfer
Wallace, Makayla A. - Associate of Science
Walling, Barry - Auto Maintenance/Light Repair MLR
Walling, Barry - AAS, Automotive Technology
Walter, Valerie N. - Associate of Science
Warren, Whitney L. - AAOT, Oregon Transfer
Washburn, Ahni L. - AAOT, Oregon Transfer
Washington, Hannah R. - AAS, Nursing
Watkins, Abby D. - Dental Assistant
Watkins, Jonah W. - Surgical Technologist
Watson, Conner K. - Industrial & Building Mechanic
Watson, Conner K. - AAS, Mechatronics/Industrial Automation Tech
Weaver, Cole - GED
Weaver, Matthew R. - AAOT, Oregon Transfer
Webb, Nickolas R. - AAOT, Oregon Transfer
Wenz, Chloe J. - AAS, Occupational Therapy Asst
Westfall, Dylan - AAOT, Oregon Transfer
White, Alyssa M. - AAS, Nursing
White, Harley O. - AAS, Water, Environment & Tech
White, Trace A. - Associate of Science
White, Ty - Juvenile Corrections
White, Ty - AAS, Criminal Justice
Wiebke, Henry W. - AAOT, Oregon Transfer
Wilborn, Julie A. - Associate of General Studies
Wilcox, Jenny S. - Coding Reimbursement Spec
Wilkinson, Mariah L. - Surgical Technologist
Williams, Gabrielle - Digital Image/Prepress Tech
Williams, Gabrielle - AAS, Visual Communications
Williams, Madison - Associate of Science
Willits, Ryan A. - AAS, Diagnostic Imaging
Wilson, Dean J. - Electrician Appr Tech (Cert)
Wilson, Shane W. - AAS, Comp Aided Design/Draft CADD Tch
Wilson, Cassie A. - AAS, Nursing
Wilson, Nicole S. - AAOT, Oregon Transfer
Winn, Siu - GED 
Winnett, Rebecca A. - AAOT, Oregon Transfer
Witty, Lauren R. - AAOT, Oregon Transfer
Witzel, Nichole K. - AAOT, Oregon Transfer
Wolff, Donald J. - AAS, Heavy Equipment/Diesel Tech
Wolfgramm, Zianna - Associate of Science
Woodley, Samantha K. - Surgical Technologist
Woolner, Jeannie R. - AAS, Occupational Therapy Asst
Worsham, Myles - Associate of Science
Xie, Jimmy - Associate of Science
Yadav, Tripti - AAS, Nursing
Yarborough, Levi S. - AAS, Diagnostic Imaging
Ybarra, Sarita M. - AAOT, Oregon Transfer
Yelas, Bethany G. - Associate of Science
Yingling, Desiree M. - AAOT, Oregon Transfer
Yingling, Desiree M. - Associate of Science
Yingling, Desiree M. - Associate of Science
Yoder, Michael D. - AAS, Heavy Equipment/Diesel Tech
Young, Conner R. - Welding & Fab Tech (Cert)
Young, Conner R. - AAS, Welding & Fab Tech
Zamora, Curtis J. - Associate of Science
Zamudio, Jennie C. - AAOT, Oregon Transfer
Zarrugh, Ali R. - Phlebotomy
Zhang, Quan - Associate of General Studies
Zhang, Quan - Associate of Science
Zhao, Yifei - Associate of Science
Zitek, Rachel M. - AAS, Occupational Therapy Asst
Zong, Jaidyn S. - AAS, Diagnostic Imaging
Zuidema, Emily J. - AAS, Medical Assistant
Zwald, Andrew R. - Associate of General Studies