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Multi-Factor Authentication

The Duo roll out for new students and employees has started.

Beginning June 17 and continuing through the summer, all current students will begin enrollment.

Wait to receive your enrollment email for Duo.


Duo logoMulti-factor authentication (MFA) uses two forms of authentication to verify your identity. First, you enter your My LB ID and password. Then, you need a physical device such as your mobile phone, tablet, or security key to access your account. What accounts will this effect: websites and applications that use My LB (single sign-on). Learn more about MFA with Duo.

There are several ways you can provide the multi-factor of two-step authentication:


Authentication Options

  • Duo Mobile push notification (recommended)
  • SMS text (students only)
  • Phone call (students only)

Supported Platforms


Authentication Options

Supported Platforms

  • iOS
  • Android
  • Windows
  • ChromeOS
Security Key

Authentication Options

  • Security key

Supported Platforms


Authentication Options

  • Fingerprint reader built into your existing hardware
  • Face ID/touch ID built into your mobile device

Supported Platforms

  • A touch ID/face ID reader built into your hardware via Chrome should work for most applications
  • Biometrics will only work on the device that supports this feature


Getting Started

You will receive an email to start the enrollment process. If you have never claimed your My LB account or are a new student/employee, you will be prompted to set up Duo security after you complete claiming your account and log in for the first time.

Start this process by opening your email or claiming your My LB account with a computer/laptop. When prompted, install the Duo app, open the Duo app on your phone to scan the QR code. This will complete the enrollment process for Duo push.

To learn more, select the device you want to set up:

One device must be designated as your default device to complete enrollment, and your default device must have a preferred way to authenticate. My LB login prompts you to authenticate using your default device and preferred method, but you have the option of authenticating using a different device (if you have other methods set up).

How you authenticate depends upon the device and method you chose for MFA:

  • If you chose Duo Mobile push notifications, a push notification is sent to your device, and you can review the request and tap "approve" to authenticate. Internet or cellular access is required.
  • If you chose SMS text, you will receive a text with a code to enter.
  • If you chose a security key, press the security key sensor when prompted to authenticate.

You are encouraged to set up a backup device in case your primary device is lost or unavailable.

What to Expect with MFA

Once you enable MFA, the Duo prompt will pop up after signing into My LB. Approve if you have requested the login; deny if you have not requested access. If you are using a browser that you previously used to authenticate, you will be presented with the last-used authentication method. To choose a different authentication method, you can select "other options" to choose one of the other options available to you.

Additional Help

Still having trouble? Please contact the appropriate Help Desk: