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All About My LB Single Sign-On

What is My LB Single Sign-on?

At Linn-Benton Community College My LB Single Sign-On is being used as a session and authentication service that permits you to use one set of credentials (your LBCC ID as your username, and a secure password) to run web tools at LBCC that you have access to.

Currently the web tools at LBCC using My LB Single Sign-on are:

  • Banner- Student Information system
  • Campus Logic - Financial Aid forms
  • Community Archives - Library Archives
  • DegreeWorks - Academic advising tool
  • Kaltura - Media Video spaces
  • Moodle - Learning management tool
  • Webrunner - Student and Staff self-service tools 

Coming Soon:

How do I get set up with My LB Single Sign-On?

In order to use My LB Single Sign-on you will first need to set-up or "Claim" your Single Sign-On account. You  only need to claim  your account one time:

  • Providing identifying information
  • Agreeing to the use policy
  • Setting security questions
  • Setting a new password
  • Providing a SMS (Texting) phone number

You  can claim your account at the Password and Account Management Portal.

Initially, you will be asked to provide your name (you should use your full name, not a nickname) and your LBCC ID number and your unique, single-use claim code.

I don't know my Single Sign-on Claim Code

A unique, single-use claim code is needed for you to set up your My LB Single Sign-On account. It would have been emailed to you previously, but by using this link to the Password and Account Management Portal you can have it resent.

I don't know my LBCC ID Number (username)

Your LBCC ID  number is your My LB Single Sign-On username and your Active Directory network username. It will be your nine digit X or 9 number that you use to log in to webrunner. If you don't know your LBCC ID you can find it by logging into Webrunner with your SSN and pin number, or by using this link to the Password and Account Management Portal.

I don't know my preferred email address

You can find your preferred email address by logging into Webrunner and going to the "Personal Information" tab and   clicking on the 'update e-mail addresses' link, or by looking at your profile in the Password and Account Management Portal.

I don't know my Single Sign-on Password

 Your My LB Single Sign-On password is set by you when you claim your Single Sign-on account and is only known to you. If lost or forgotten you can reset your password by using this link to the Password and Account Management Portal.

My LB Single Sign-On isn't working!

Here are a few quick things you can try to get your My LB Single Sign-on account to work:

1) Open a fresh browser window.

2) Clear browser cache & cookies.

3) Clear the browser saved passwords.

4) Don't use a a saved bookmark.

5) Reset your password.

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