Accounts and Payments


To receive a tuition refund you must officially drop a class by the drop deadline below via WebRunner or by submitting a Schedule Change Form to Registration.

Class Length Drop Deadline
One day class Day prior to class
One week class* Day prior to 2nd class meeting
Two week class** Day prior to the 1st class of the 2nd week
Three weeks or longer 2nd Monday of the term

*A one-week class meets more than one day the same week (Monday-Sunday).

**A two week class meets at least once during two different term weeks. A term week is Monday thru Sunday. (Classes three weeks or longer meet at least one during each term week of the class).

If you are entitled to a refund, it will be processed automatically and direct deposited, mailed, or credited to your account after the drop deadlines.  Sign up for Direct Deposit on WebRunner, Personal Information.  Refunds are processed bi-weekly after the first week of the term.

You may petition for a refund after the deadline if serious and compelling circumstances beyond your control prevented you from dropping within the refund period.  Petition refund forms are available online.