Accounts and Payments

Electronic Billing

Frequently Asked Questions

What is an E-Billing Notification?

Instead of sending bills by mail, an email will be sent to your LBCC assigned Gmail account (LBCC Email) to notify you to review and pay your account.

Will I get an E-Billing Notification?

E-Billing Notifications will be sent to students who have registered for a class and have an account balance.

How is my E-Billing Notification delivered?

Notifications will be sent to your LBCC assigned Gmail account (LBCC Email). Even if you do not receive an email notification, you must pay by the late fee assessed date to avoid late fees.

When will my E-Billing Notification be sent?

E-Billing Notifications are generated before the first and second late fee assessed dates, see Payment Due Dates. You will receive an email notifying you to check your account balance on WebRunner.

Can I have my E-Billing Notification sent to my parents or another person?

Yes. If you want to forward your notification to another person, you must do so in your Google account settings. Please see LBCC Email for more information.

What if I register after E-Billing Notifications are sent?

Since payment is due at the time of registration, no E-Billing Notification will be generated. However, you can view your amount due on WebRunner at any time.

Can I get a printed bill?

Although your LBCC email is our primary and preferred method of communicating with students, you may opt out of email by completing an Email Opt Out Agreement at any registration counter. If so, communication will be by mail which may cause inherent delays in delivery. Delays in postal delivery or non-delivery will not be a viable reason for not meeting payment deadlines.

Why does LBCC issue E-Billing Notifications?

The key reasons are:

  • To provide immediate access to your real time balance and to eliminate bills reflecting a balance that is out of date.
  • To support sustainability. Even if you don’t pay online,
  • To better use college resources. Electronic communication is more cost effective and frees up resources for other uses.