Faculty (full-time)

1. Select a conference, seminar, or course related to your work at LBCC

2. Fill in the Professional Development Application. Include the following documentation as applicable:

  • Reservations (hotel, car rental etc.)
  • Airline reservations OR documentation of flight rates (if you haven’t purchased tickets yet)
  • Conference program/advertisement including cost and content of the activity
  • Course description and cost

If in doubt, provide documentation. Applications containing all necessary documentation are generally processed faster. 

All related expenses for professional development must adhere to LBCC Administrative Rules.



When is my application due?

Applications must be submitted to Amber Vore at least five working days before the activity begins.

Supervisors do not approve or disapprove of requests for funds from the PD committee, but they must receive the application five working days before the activity. (This is a new requirement starting July 2018)

When will I know if I got the grant?
The professional development committee meets once a month (date varies). To be sure your application is considered, it must arrive by the first day of the month. (For example, all grants applied for in the month of April are sent to the committee the first few days in May, and decisions would be made mid-May.)

While You’re There

  1. Save receipts (hotel, airline, parking etc.). You do not need to save receipts from food if claiming per diem.

When You Get Back

  1. Fill out the Travel Voucher for the appropriate year with all expenses (hotel, air, parking, food per diem). Additional travel voucher instructions
  2. Attach your receipts.
  3. Deliver Travel Voucher and receipts to Amber Vore in CC 102 within six weeks of your return. NOTE: May & June forms/receipts must arrive by June 30th to be reimbursed.
  4. Fill out the Faculty Professional Development Post-Activity Summary. Post Activity Summary should be brief and MUST be turned in to your supervisor/dean.

Fine print:

For more detailed information on professional development, including information on self-directed activities and professional development leave of absence, go to the Detailed Instructions.