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Faculty Innovators



The purpose of the Faculty Innovator program is to provide time, resources, and support to faculty who wish to investigate teaching and learning innovations by researching and implementing a new practice with the goal of improving student success. 



Role Summary

Faculty Innovators have the opportunity to take a risk! Each Faculty Innovator will identify a topic related to their teaching and student learning, develop a plan for innovation, implement an experimental change(s) in their own class, and report on their outcomes and findings. Innovations do not need to be successful for the Innovator project to be a success, and you don’t need to have fully developed ideas for innovation to apply! 




  1. Faculty Innovators will identify a topic to address and provide a rationale for the importance of the project to their teaching and student learning. 
  2. Faculty Innovators will research their topic and identify an innovative practice to implement. 
  3. Faculty Innovators will experiment with the innovative practice in their classroom (physical or virtual) or through their support of students for one term. 
  4. Faculty Innovators will develop an evaluation plan and assess the effectiveness of their project on student success.
  5. Faculty Innovators will complete a project report, present a 5-10 minute overview of their work to the Learning Innovation Council, and debrief their experience with the LInC coordinator. 

Throughout the project, Innovators will be invited to participate in meetings with other Faculty Innovators to share their successes, questions, and frustrations about their work. Innovators can use these group meetings (and/or individual meetings with the LInC Coordinator) to refine their proposals and consider potential innovations. Faculty Innovators are strongly encouraged to share their work with department colleagues and may choose to share their experience with the broader campus community but are not required to do so.

Faculty Innovators will work closely with the LInC Coordinator to implement and assess their project.




Faculty Innovator projects will be completed in one or two terms. 

  • Full-time faculty will receive three credits of release. 
  • Part-time faculty will receive a stipend for the equivalent of three credits of release. Faculty Innovator work does not count toward the credit limitation for part-time faculty but will count towards hours for step advancement.




Interested faculty are encouraged to attend the Faculty Fellow and Faculty Innovator Information Sessions (see email announcement for dates and times).

All LBCC faculty are invited to submit a Faculty Innovator application outlining their project and rationale for innovation. The full project description and evaluation plan are not due with the application and can be developed after Innovators are selected. Faculty Innovator applications will be reviewed by the Learning Innovation Council. Applications for the 2021-2022 academic year are due by 5:00pm on Monday, March 1, 2021. 

The ideal Faculty Innovator project will be applicable across disciplines. 

The appropriate division dean will be informed of projects selected by LInC prior to the announcement of Innovators. You are encouraged to discuss your project with your dean prior to submitting an application.

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